Jan 12, 2024

StreetSide Developments Edmonton Opens First-Of-Its-Kind Sales Centre at Ambleside Community

Edmonton, AB – StreetSide Developments Edmonton has launched a new first-of-its-kind sales centre in Edmonton, located in the Ambleside community in the city’s southwest. The sales centre separates the sales office from StreetSide Developments Edmonton’s showhomes and allows the team to have one centralized location where clients can visit, gather information, and see colour boards and other options in person.

This differs from the typical approach, where builders will attach a sales centre to a showhome, some examples of which include converting a garage into a sales centre, staging a den in the home, adding a building off the showhome, or even using the main floor of a home to act as a sales centre.

Nicholas Carels, Vice-President, StreetSide Developments Edmonton, said the newly opened centralized sales centre is an opportunity to continue enhancing the way the team sells homes.

“StreetSide Developments Edmonton has nearly 30 projects, more than half of which are now operating without a sales office or showhome,” he said. “This approach is unique in Edmonton. Our intention is to offer a modern-day experience reflective of how our clients buy homes, a unique space and flexibility to maximize the effectiveness of our sales team, and operational benefits through considerable cost savings.”

The sales centre operates during the same hours as StreetSide Developments Edmonton’s showhomes and is not connected to any model home. Instead, it is in a retail location and allows clients to come in and visit prior to even seeing a showhome, if they prefer that approach.

Once at the sales centre, prospective buyers can view colour boards, designer options, add-ons and features, as well as engage with a builder in a less pressured sales environment. The sales centre has an espresso machine and coffee bar, a fireplace and entertainment space, and several different seating areas – from casual to private – to discuss buying a home, picking a community, or reviewing options.

In addition, StreetSide Developments Edmonton has partnered with MMG Mortgages, so there are dedicated brokers with scheduled hours on site. This means a prospective client can see what they are pre-approved for prior to shopping for a home.

Vanessa Freeman, Sales & Marketing Manager, StreetSide Developments Edmonton, said the sales team has shared great feedback on the space so far.

“The sales team is able to use this space to work, meet clients, review options, and showcase our designer-curated palettes,” she said. “Their clients are also able meet with MMG in this space, so it makes for a seamless hand-off between these teams.”

While Vanessa noted that the space is designed for all of StreetSide Developments Edmonton’s customers, she believes one demographic in particular will especially appreciate it.

“I think first-time buyers will enjoy this space the most,” she said. “Buying a first home can be overwhelming and this space will allow them to see, feel and touch the items that would be in their homes, as well as showcase some of the opportunities they have to personalize any of our homes.”

According to Vanessa, she and Nicholas had discussed the idea of such a sales centre for several years, but they were waiting for the right time to design and implement the space in an area of the city that would make the greatest impact. While many other markets have retail sales centres that are not attached to a model home, this idea had never been implemented in Edmonton.

“We are fortunate enough that we can try this space out and see how well it works and if we want to implement it in another area of Edmonton in the future,” she said. “We are now building in nearly 30 communities in the Edmonton region and felt the Edmonton market is ready for an elevated sales experience where they can browse without feeling pressured.”

While the sales centre at Ambleside is now officially open to help potential homebuyers have an enjoyable experience, Vanessa noted that some finishing touches to the sales centre will be coming early this year – stay tuned for more information in the coming months.

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