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We need to thoughtfully design and support our communities so that they encourage stronger connections between people, services, and businesses.

Kevin Van

President & CEO

Three Generations
Of Connections

to our impact areas

Qualico’s founders personally experienced homelessness, poverty and starvation as their families escaped persecution in Russia to start a new life in Canada. As a result, for over 70 years, the family has been dedicated to the safety and health and shelter of families. This underscores the commitment to impact areas of healthy lives and ending the cycle of poverty.

Qualico is a company that was founded as a wife and husband team who built the company side-by-side. Qualico’s current President & CEO is a proud father of three daughters and is committed to the impact area of healthy lives to ensure the opportunities for accessing education, leadership training, and professional advancement, and the pay and compensation for women, are equal to that of men.

Katherine Friesen started her career as a teacher, and our founder, David Friesen, received his Ph.D. in his 60s. For three generations, the culture at Qualico has embodied a commitment to lifelong learning. The impact area of lifelong education ensures education is accessible within the community, both for personal and professional development.

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With a commitment to continue to build Qualico’s legacy as a builder of better cities, it is imperative that Qualico have a long-term vision and immediate operational strategies that recognize the impact area of building sustainably.


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