Our Impact

Our corporate responsibility actions are organized into philanthropy, developing current and future talent and operational innovation. By anchoring our efforts in these areas we are able to create a positive impact for people, our business and the planet.

Qualico can further classify and communicate its CR
progress through the categories of workplace
and community impact, environment and business conduct.

Building Better cities

is ongoing.

The world is constantly changing, and the finish line is always moving.
Our commitment to corporate responsibility is a journey.
Here are samples of how we are measuring our impact.

Developing Current
and future talent

By offering educational opportunities, fair and equitable compensation, safe work
policies and more, we aim to attract and retain the best and the brightest in our
industry today, while at the same time partnering with trade-based educational
institutions to support the development of our workforce tomorrow.

Operational Innovation

By promoting innovation to face the challenges and opportunities of today’s
changing world, we aim to do our part to address environmental and sustainability
issues in our industry and embody our purpose to build better cities.


Qualico continues to honour the legacy of philanthropy that began with our
Founders. Donations made in the form of gift-in-kind, financial and volunteer time
are a foundational part of Qualico’s corporate responsibility.

Each year since 2007, Qualico has donated back a minimum of
one million dollars to the communities that it’s part of.


Here’s a look at the first million:


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