Helping Build Better Cities

Kevin Van, President

We have a responsibility to give back while balancing the responsibility to run a profitable business. We need to maintain the confidence of our employees, business partners, customers and the general community regarding the expectations to take action related to environmental and social needs.”

- Kevin Van

Qualico is a purpose-driven company:
we are committed to helping build better cities.
Our philanthropic roots reach down over 70 years deep.
We believe in the power of partnership.
Our aim is to work with and support subject matter experts
who are driving change in communities.

By bolstering these community leaders through the power of partnership, our contributions
can be the spark, catalyst or foundation for creating a ripple effect of improvement.
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Measuring our Impact
Qualico ensures that our CR impact considers a balance of how we apply operational innovation, philanthropic support and developing our current and future talent base. By applying this balance, Qualico can further classify and communicate its CR progress through the categories of workplace and community impact, environment and business conduct.

Anchoring our efforts

We balance our corporate responsibility efforts across our impact areas and embed them in business actions organized into philanthropy, developing current and future talent and operational innovation.

Fighting against forced and child labour
in supply chains

Qualico is dedicated to ensuring human rights are protected and the risk of forced labour or child labour is eliminated in our operations and supply chain, as outlined by the Fighting Against Forced and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act.

Following consultation with key personnel in our diversified business verticals and corporate service departments, Qualico has published a report which outlines our commitment.

Read the report

Three Generations of connections

to our impact areas

We continually review how we support communities.

Our contributions need to allow lasting and practical impact but be relevant to a modern workforce and the company leadership. Underpinning this, while in the third generation of leadership, our giving must always stay true to the giving philosophy of our Founders.

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