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Staying Power

It wasn’t luck. Our 70-year history in the real estate industry can be attributed to our unique qualities that position us to capitalize on the ups and downs of a cyclical industry. 

Bench Strength

Bench strength

A Purposeful Mix

Our talent base is a competitive strength across the board. We maintain the sweet spot of having the wisdom of long-service employees working alongside new talent, who champion emerging ideas and ask bold questions. We attract the industry’s best, and recruit across other business sectors to strengthen the diversity of our ideas and professional disciplines. 

Leveraging Qualico’s Long-term Expertise

The guidance and experience provided by our employees with 30+ years in the business is unmatched in our industry. Across regions and verticals, our senior staff’s perspective on managing risk and seizing business opportunities has been tested over decades of market lows, soaring highs and left-field surprises. The experience gained by our leadership is actively passed on and heeded by those who are working alongside them during industry cycles. 


We are mindful of the demographics that prevail in the construction, homebuilding, and development industries. Qualico has been successfully run by a wife and husband team who immigrated to Canada. Sound business decisions over the decades have come from being open to diverse opinions, avoiding the status quo, and ensuring the right people are in the right roles. We are committed to ensuring equality exists within the walls of our company and elsewhere in the community. Learn more by reading about our Corporate Responsibility Program.

Financial Capacity

Trusted Partnerships

Our long-term relationships with Canada’s top financial institutions have positioned us with consistent lending terms and support to take advantage of opportunities regardless of industry cycles.


Our history and structure encourages our senior leaders to act like owners in their decisions and have a respect for capital. Success is measured by profitability and long-term capital appreciation, not necessarily size.

Capital Strength

Based upon our integrity and long-standing durability, we have earned the confidence and trust of our customers, business partners and employees. Leveraging our capital strength allows us to maintain our operation programs and exhibit resilience through market cycles.

Risk Management

We follow core investment principles and a disciplined approach to our investment decisions, which has allowed us to mitigate both short-term and longer-term financial risk. There are many layers in the markets that we must navigate to optimize results and preserve capital while continually resisting the urge for emotional decision-making. Confidence in our operating expertise ensures we are proactive to changes in market cycles – scaled to current markets, but also positioned to sustain competitive advantages in the long term.

Vertically Integrated

Vertically Integrated and Regionally Diversified

Market Leader

We are a leader in terms of market share within many of our locations in land holdings, land development, and homebuilding. This leadership position allows us to capitalize on market opportunities and provide sought-after options for our customers.


New investment requires patience, discipline, and thoughtful analysis. We have a demonstrated history of taking advantage of real estate opportunities across all regions in which we operate.


One of our core strengths is the ability to leverage our vertically and regionally integrated real estate company. Our integration allows us to leverage each of our business units separately while taking advantage of the buying power and reliability of an end-to-end supply chain. We will continue to strengthen and expand our diversification as part of our overall growth strategy.

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