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Qualico is one of Western Canada’s largest Integrated Real Estate Companies

Qualico has over 40 sub-companies, commonly called business units. Each of these business units falls under various integrated business verticals.

Single-Family Homes

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Property Management

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Multi-Family Homes

Streetside Developments


Qualico Commercial

Supply Chain

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Qualico Communities

Qualico is an integrated real estate company 

Within each of our regions are various business units in different business verticals. The foundation of our company is our land positions. Our three distinct verticals of multi-family homes, single-family homes, and commercial development are all supported by a strong, integrated supply chain. Qualico’s associated company, Rancho Property Management Services, provides property management expertise to our residential and commercial rental properties, along with a significant number of condominium operations. 

Qualico is also involved in a number of multi-family projects in key US markets. Qualico does not have offices at these locations, and these activities are managed through the Qualico US Region and Qualico’s Corporate Office.

Single-Family Homes

Qualico has built single-family homes since 1951 

Our single-family homes business vertical has the largest number of individual business units operating under its banner. There are single-family business units in every market in which Qualico operates. In most Qualico locations, there are multiple single-family business units. In these markets, each business unit focuses on a specific segment of the market.

Qualico is proud of the single-family homebuilder brands offering award-winning commitment to customer service, design, and safety.

Multi-Family Homes 

Qualico has earned a reputation for market leadership and building distinction. Qualico’s multi-family projects build on this legacy

Operating under the StreetSide Developments brand, we have several multi-family business units. The multi-family business vertical develops apartment-style, townhome-style, detached-home, and luxury condominiums in cities throughout Western Canada.

With projects that range from innovative urban developments to historic retrofits to lifestyle communities, StreetSide Developments provides a range of solutions for homeownership. With a focus on quality, value, and service, StreetSide Developments is passionate about building lasting relationships with suppliers and customers.

Qualico is also involved in a number of multi-family projects in key US markets where Qualico partners with a developer to introduce residential properties to prime locations. 

Commercial Development and Leasing

Qualico Commercial is an industry leader in bringing residential retail and office space to market

Qualico Commercial business units are responsible for developing and leasing commercial property, operating in several markets in Western Canada. Our commercial project portfolio is comprised of more than 3 million sq. ft. of commercial space and includes downtown and suburban office buildings, community and neighbourhood shopping centres, and industrial subdivisions. Qualico Commercial’s objective, in every case, is to develop or purchase projects where its management expertise can add value for tenants and the community at large.

Investment assets are managed by our associated company, Rancho Property Management Services.

Qualico Commercial continuously seeks opportunities to participate in projects that will rejuvenate urban areas with infill projects, bring welcoming amenities to suburban neighbourhoods, or provide needed operational facilities for industry.

Community Development

Qualico Communities is a recognized leader in developing award-winning, master-planned communities

Where available, most builder business units leverage the position of Qualico Communities as a land developer to purchase lots to bring varied single-family or multi-family home products to market.

Qualico Communities’ objective is to provide communities with a variety of housing types and price ranges with attractive features such as extensive walking and cycling trails, lush wetlands, acres of designated parks, extensive landscaping, and playgrounds. These are communities in the truest sense, incorporating not just aesthetic and recreational elements, but amenities such as retail, office sites, community gathering spaces, pedestrian-friendly paths, and community sport facilities.

Since the mid-1970s, Qualico Communities has developed over 54,000 homebuilding lots in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Metro Vancouver, Fort McMurray, and Austin, Texas.

Qualico Communities works with local governments, builder contractors, and residents to create neighbourhoods with homebuyers in mind. Every community developed aims to bring homeowners excitement, warmth, and discovery.

Building Materials Supply and Services

Qualico’s supply chain management strengthens its business by offering the industry exceptional services and building products

Our expansion into the building materials supply and services areas of the homebuilding industry allows us to supply both our own companies as well as other builders, contractors, and retail customers through an exceptional offering of services and products. Our supply chain business vertical includes building materials and services, plumbing and heating services, drywall products and installation, and concrete.

Property Management

Rancho Property Management Services is a leading condo, commercial, and residential property management company in Western Canada

Rancho Realty was established by Katherine Friesen in 1957 to provide real estate sales services to Qualico. Today, the company is known as Rancho Property Management Services and has developed into one of the largest property management companies in Western Canada, with offices in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.

Rancho’s management portfolio includes office, retail, residential rental, and condominium properties across Western Canada. Rancho currently manages 3,500 rental apartments, 40,000 condominiums, and over 3.2 million sq. ft. of office and retail space.

Rancho is consistently shown among the top five largest strata/condominium managers in the annual Canadian Property Management Magazine's “Who’s Who” survey.

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