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Calgary's Star Building Materials and Winnipeg's Vue Tache Condos

We Have One of the Best Reasons to Come to Work Each Day

We are a company spanning multiple cities, areas of the industry, and customer types. When you’re an employee at Qualico, you are part of a lasting and meaningful impact in the communities where we do business. In all corners of Qualico, we have the best reason to come to work each day. 

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Jump In, Dig In

With nearly 2,000 employees performing over 300 different job functions, our culture is influenced by the common attitudes and behaviours that are encouraged and recognized within our workspace. At Qualico, we think of these as our values.

We empower employees to demonstrate what it means to be a part of Qualico within the scope of their role and complemented by their unique personality and strengths. 

Our Values


    • Understand the process
    • Leverage the team
    • Allow history to inspire the future
    • Earn it, don't expect it
    • Be open to change

    • Ask questions
    • Seek to understand
    • Uncover the motivation
    • Work the solution
    • Don’t fear the feedback

    • Have an inventive spirit
    • Dare to run with it
    • Don’t be afraid of failure
    • Seize opportunities
    • Own it

    • Apply long-term wisdom to short-term goals
    • Invest in the big picture
    • Take time to learn
    • Understand the risk and responsibility
    • Create a ripple effect

Our Talent Base is a Competitive Advantage

At Qualico, we have achieved the sweet spot of industry-leading bench strength in all verticals of our business.

Because our people are our best asset, Qualico offers all employees, regardless of their business unit, a standardized approach to compensation and recognition. We continuously improve total compensation offerings to attract and retain employees and meet evolving expectations of the modern day workforce. 

Talent Base

Employee Referral
RRSP Matching
Employee Recognition

A Career Path as Robust as Our Networks for Roads and Walkways

Professional service careers span all areas of our business. Make no assumptions, here are examples of career tracks at Qualico.   

  • Construction Supervision

    Making it happen. Our site employees are as skilled as the wizard behind the curtain. They have our back and your back for all our projects.
  • Sales and Service

    Earning it, not expecting it. Our sales and service teams know you have choices in the market. We work hard to earn your business and ongoing confidence in our products.
  • Property Managers

    The space you live in. Whether you call your apartment, condo or business your home, we have people who take care of it.
  • Project Managers

    Task masters. Our project managers are immersed in our community and commercial development projects. They’re loaded with expertise and strong business relationships.
  • Technology Services

    Keeping us humming. We employ a robust in-house team of architects, administrators, developers, and service specialists.
  • Marketing & Communications

    We love ideas people. Marketing and communications talents are found across all our business unit brands.
  • Finance & Accounting

    Financials are the backbone. We employ accounting teams at all levels and areas of the company.
  • Administration

    Details are our friend. Administration professionals work in estimation, scheduling, and for our business systems.
  • Operations

    The right stuff. Our team makes the complex, simple. Powered by process and technology.
  • Designers

    Looking our best. It may be interior design, drafting, web design, graphic design or truss design. Come spread your wings.
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Heading into an interview for a job with Qualico?

Go in with your best foot forward for your interview. To assist you in understanding how we’re organized and what we do, visit these areas on our website for a crash course.


Encouraging Life-Long Learning and Development

Qualico believes in the continuous improvement of its delivery of products and services, as well as its talent base.

We believe continuous improvement of how we deliver products and services also applies to the continuous improvement of our talent base.

A commitment to professional development is one that each employee and Qualico share.  

We offer educational support via mandatory and company-requested training, but also employee-requested education and training, which is training you have a personal interest in and take the initiative to request yourself.

Volunteer Day Program

Qualico employees are encouraged to volunteer and make an impact in their communities through the company's Volunteer Day initiative

With our Qualico Volunteer Day program, each employee can take a workday to volunteer towards a cause that is meaningful to them. We believe that a lot can happen in a day, and we encourage all employees to participate.

Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness Campaign

Qualico employees can direct corporate donations to the charities and not-for-profit organizations they support

Launched in 2016 as part of Qualico’s 65th Anniversary celebrations, the Acts of Kindness campaign focuses on employee-directed corporate giving. Employees can apply for a donation to a registered not-for-profit or charity that is important to them. To date, over $470,000 has been donated to causes that our employees are passionate about.

Corporate Responsibility

Our aim is to support organizations within our communities that are experts on the issues.

Qualico recognizes that we have a commitment not only to our employees and customers, but also to the larger community in terms of environmental stewardship and community support. We are focused on five impact areas where through our connections to the cause, we are motivated to take action.

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