Corporate Responsibility

We need to bring longevity and sustainability to our cities and neighbourhoods so that they can be enjoyed today, and for decades to come.

Kevin Van

President & CEO

The Power of Partnership

For more than 65 years, Qualico has been committed to providing shelter and vibrant communities for families to live, work, and play in.

That commitment does not stop there. As part of Qualico’s long-term vision and mandate, it also recognizes that the company has a commitment not only to its employees and customers, but also to the larger community in terms of environmental stewardship and community support.

Our aim is to support organizations within our communities that are experts on these issues. By bolstering these community leaders through the power of partnership, our contributions can be the spark, catalyst or foundation for creating a ripple effect of improvement and innovation. 



Committed to a Better World


Our History of Giving

The philanthropic spirit of Qualico has continued through the generations of leadership. 

Our founders, Dr. David and Katherine Friesen, started small, and from their early days in the business, they felt a responsibility to help those around them where they could. Ruth and Brian Hastings continue to be pillars in the philanthropic communities in cities where Qualico has a history. Under the leadership of Kevin Van, Qualico has chosen to dedicate our impact giving in five areas: ending the cycle of poverty, promoting gender equality, ensuring sustainability in building, encouraging lifelong education, and celebrating healthy lives. We view these areas of giving as impact areas, where we feel motivated to take action.  

Our Impact Areas

end cycle of poverty


gender equality


Buildiong Sustainability




healthy lives


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Our Connection to the Cause

We continually review how we support communities.

Our contributions need to have lasting and practical impact, but be relevant to a modern workforce and the company leadership. Underpinning this, while in the third generation of leadership, our giving must always stay true to the giving philosophy of our founders.  

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Dr David Friesen and Katherine Friesen


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