Corporate Responsibility
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We need to thoughtfully design and support our communities so that they encourage stronger connections between people, services, and businesses.

Kevin Van

President & CEO

We continually review how we support communities. 

Our contributions need to have lasting and practical impact, but be relevant to a modern workforce and the company leadership. Underpinning this, while in the third generation of leadership, our giving must always stay true to the giving philosophy of our founders.  

Our Connection to the Cause

  • Ending the Cycle of Poverty

    Our founders came from disadvantaged backgrounds as families fleeing Russia to start a new life in Canada. Our founders knew what it means to have very little, and that taught them to never take certain luxuries in life for granted.

  • Gender Equality

    Qualico is a company that was founded as a wife and husband team, with both equally driving the company forward. As the company has grown through the generations, our current President is a proud father of three daughters and wants to ensure the opportunities for accessing education, leadership training, and professional advancement, and the pay and compensation for women are equal to that of men.

  • Building Sustainably

    Qualico is responsible for designing and building major sections of cities in the form of communities. It is both for the benefit of our business, and for the health of the cities in which we all live, that we have a long-term vision and short-term operational strategies that recognize the impact that sustainable cities have within the context of climate change.

  • Lifelong Education

    Our founders have always believed in the benefits of lifelong learning. Our founder, David Friesen, received his PhD in his 60s. He was a firm believer in supporting educational institutions and a way for people to afford higher education.

  • Healthy Lives

    The Hastings and Van families prioritize healthy personal lifestyles and have a high appreciation for the role that family and team sport play in leading a healthy life. Within the community, the family has always ensured they support the full spectrum of health. This includes providing access to healthy food and contributing to causes that build local community gathering space that is focused on outdoor recreation, art, and history.

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On every block, every street, and every lot, we have the chance to build better cities.

For us, that’s the best reason to come to work each day.


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