Oct 5, 2023

Qualico Employees Ride Over 600 KMS in Two Habitat for Humanity Cycling Fundraisers

Ride Through the Rockies

Calgary, AB – Qualico employees recently participated in two major fundraising cycling events to raise money for Habitat for Humanity, battling long distances and uphill climbs to support an important cause.

The first of those events, Ride Through the Rockies, is now in its 10th year and took place Aug. 18-20 with more than 40 cyclists participating by cycling over 300 km.

The event raised $279,595, surpassing the goal of raising $250,000, which will allow Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta to build two homes for families in the community.

As one of the people who helped start Ride Through the Rockies, Ken Crockett, Vice-President, Star Building Materials Calgary said the 10th anniversary has a special meaning to him, though he’s not usually one for celebrating anniversaries.

“This ride touches so many within our community and industry,” he said. “I'm humbled by the stories and families that come together for such a great cause. Having the support of Qualico to be an industry leader and to be able to create an event like this is amazing. We are truly able to help change the direction of families who need help and build a stronger community because of it.”

Curt Keil, Vice-President, Sterling Homes Calgary shared that the comradery from the other riders and volunteers created a positive and enjoyable weekend, and he felt good knowing he was helping raise awareness and funds for an amazing organization.

“Habitat for Humanity is my favourite organization because it provides people with a hand-up for homeownership instead of just a handout, since they need to contribute over 500 volunteer work hours and apply with certain requirements,” he said. “I strongly believe this program helps people enhance their lives and provides them a stable foundation to raise their family and contribute back to the community.”

Although training can be tough and the weather and other conditions can make the ride more difficult, Curt and Ken said the spirit of those participating and those supporting the riders makes it easier.

“Don't be intimidated by how far or how long the ride might take, you’ll be inspired and encouraged by the comradery among all the riders,” said Ken.

Andrew Mackenzie, Marketing Manager, Broadview Homes Calgary participated in his first Ride Through the Rockies event this year and he shared some words of wisdom about his experience and what other new riders can expect.

“I think a great way to get your feet wet is to clearly start training as soon as possible. It wasn’t the distance I found as challenging but instead the elevation we were completing each day,” said Andrew. “At the end of the ride, it was apparent we were all there for one reason and that is to raise money for a great cause. Anyone who wants to be part of the ride will be guaranteed to leave feeling like they made a difference!”  

Ride Through the Rockies wouldn’t be possible without all the dedicated Qualico volunteers who helped out before, during and after the event.

“This was my first-year volunteering at Ride Through the Rockies and I was so grateful to be included,” said Nina Wulder, Regional Communications Business Partner, Qualico Calgary. “To see these riders all come together for this amazing cause was truly special, it is easy to see why riders come back year after year for this amazing cause.”

Ride Around the Lake

Winnipeg, MB - Further east, Qualico employees took part in cycling around Lake of the Woods, ON for Ride Around the Lake from Sep. 8-10.

This year marked the event’s 17th year, with 48 cyclists traveling 345 km, which raised over $400,000. The record-setting amount will allow Habitat for Humanity Manitoba to build two homes for local families.

One home is being built for Alfred, Jane, and their three children, and the other home is being built for Amine, Sara, and their three children. Both these hard-working families have moved to Canada in the past few years and are outgrowing their two-bedroom apartments, but with the help of Habitat for Humanity and fundraisers like Ride Around the Lake, their dream of a new home can become a reality.

Alfred, Jane and their family (left photo) and Amine, Sara and their family (right photo)

David Eggerman, Regional Vice-President, Manitoba & Saskatchewan said Ride Around the Lake is a highlight on the calendar every year.

“Getting to spend the weekend cycling with a group of likeminded individuals to raise money for Habitat is very inspiring,” he said. “Like most things, riding this many kilometres seems impossible, but when you break it down into small pieces and work in a group, you can achieve anything.”

Cycling Events Unite

This year’s events mark yet another successful round of Qualico’s support for Habitat for Humanity. Since their inception, the combined funds from both events have surpassed over $5 million and have helped build many houses for the Manitoba and Southern Alberta communities.


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