Aug 2, 2023

Sterling Homes Edmonton Holds Its First Employee Driven and Led In-House Training Event

Edmonton, AB – Sterling Homes Edmonton recently held its first employee-driven and led in-house training event where the sales team learned from the construction team about the value-add hidden components of a home that customers don’t typically see.

This ‘What’s behind the walls’ training was meant to provide an understanding of the science of homebuilding for the 25 attendees. It will also successfully help bridge the gap to empower the sales team with the knowledge needed to effectively educate customers on key construction components, thereby providing customers with a sense of security and peace of mind.

Additionally, the training session served as a platform for enhanced collaboration between the construction and sales departments. By fostering a deeper understanding of the construction process, the sales team can effectively communicate with the construction team, ensuring smoother coordination among all parties involved.

Erik Eisen, Director, Sales & Marketing, Sterling Homes Edmonton, and Justin Nolette, Manager, Sales and Marketing, Sterling Homes Edmonton, recognized a need among some of the newer sales team members for additional construction knowledge and collaborated to put the training together.

“We talk about the role of ‘Trusted Advisor’ for our sales team and what it takes to be able to establish that level of confidence in their customers’ minds,” said Erik. “I believe there were many verbal nuggets taken away from this training that will elevate our sales team’s confidence and help solidify relationships that will lead to sales, as well as provide a higher level of post-sale service.”

The recent training leveraged the existing ‘Adopt a House’ training program previously developed by Sterling Homes Edmonton, which served as a solid foundation with each session focusing on different stages of the homebuilding process. Jonathon Aiken, Construction Manager, Sterling Homes Edmonton, led the recent training session from the construction side.

“Leading the sales team through the training event was an immensely gratifying experience that I thoroughly enjoyed,” said Jonathon. “I gained a new perspective on the construction components from a sales standpoint. This enabled me to adopt effective communication strategies that would resonate with customers when highlighting various features.”

Jerry Zhang, Area Manager, Sterling Homes Edmonton, was a participant in the training session and said he will be sharing the information with clients, which will help build trust throughout the entire homebuilding process.

“Having this training adds great value to my position, as it serves as a refresher for what we explain to customers daily,” he said. “The sales team is used to looking at home plans, so this experience helps us better visualize the various home stages, as well as the fine details of the structure.”

Sterling Homes Edmonton believes in making the journey of building a new home an exciting and stress-free experience for buyers, and through frequent training initiatives like this one, the homebuilder is demonstrating its ongoing commitment to providing top-notch customer service.

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