Mar 30, 2023

Pacesetter Homes Edmonton Takes Home Second Consecutive Sales Volume Award

Edmonton, AB – Pacesetter Homes has been recognized by the Canadian Home Builder’s Association – Edmonton Region for the second year in a row for achieving the highest number of home sales in the region in 2022. The award is based on both the number and value of sales.

Dave Armstrong, Vice-President of Pacesetter Homes Edmonton, attributes the recognition to the home builder’s staff knowing their customer and their ability to respond to their changing needs quickly.

“We start with the customer in mind with our offerings and our promotions, and we get daily feedback from every sales centre. Our marketing and operations team analyzes the feedback our salespeople are receiving,” he said. “This allows us to react quickly to opportunity.”

Pacesetter Homes are currently building homes in 28 communities across the Greater Edmonton area, requiring a significant effort from all its departments. Each team worked efficiently to develop plans that met the business unit's aggressive timelines.

Like most homebuilders, Pacesetter Homes was challenged by a labour shortage that impacted the entire industry in 2022. However, the builder was able to leverage the advantages of being a Qualico company to address labour needs during a time of high demand.

“Skilled labour was a challenge for Pacesetter Homes because we required more of it than everybody else,” Dave said. “Luckily, being a part of Qualico, Pacesetter has access to tier 1 trade partners that do their best to ensure we get top priority regarding job scheduling.”

Another component of Pacesetter’s success is found in Qualico’s operations in the region.

“Innovation is in the DNA of this region,” Dave said.

Pacesetter Homes recognized an opportunity to market more affordable housing options to Ontario homebuyers interested in moving to Edmonton. To maximize their outreach, Pacesetter Homes collaborated with two other Qualico homebuilders in Edmonton, Sterling Homes and StreetSide Developments, to launch a joint advertising campaign promoting all three builders in the region.

The campaign partnership was a good example of business units leveraging the power of Qualico to seize opportunities together.

“It reflects how Qualico in Edmonton works,” Dave added. “It’s not just Pacesetter that is agile and nimble. We just happened to get the nod this year.”

Dave was cautiously optimistic about Pacesetter Homes earning the top spot in home sales for a third time next year.

“Just like I’m not going to say that the Oilers are going to take a run at the Cup this year because I don’t want to jinx them, I don’t want to jinx ourselves either,” he said. “But I can tell you that Pacesetter is only getting faster and faster at responding to our customers’ needs.”

In addition to Pacesetter’s Sales Volume award, Qualico’s Edmonton business units won a number of other awards.


Best Radio Commercial Campaign

Qualico Communities


Salesperson/Team of the Year – Single Family

Kulvit Grewal, Pacesetter Homes


Platinum Sales Volume Awards

Jerry Zhang, Sterling Homes

Darren Rose, Pacesetter Homes


Gold Sales Volume Awards

Billie Spasojevic, Pacesetter Homes

Hazel Gacayan, Sterling Homes

Yogesh Bharmota, Sterling Homes

Kulvit Grewal, Pacesetter Homes


Silver Sales Volume Awards

Diane Sasseville, Pacesetter Homes

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