Mar 22, 2022

Qualico Launches New Integrated Brand, Qualico Properties

Winnipeg, MB - This past September, Qualico announced it would be merging the Rancho property management brand for residential, office, and retail with the Qualico Commercial brand of leasing and development.

The new integrated business unit is known as Qualico Properties and exists within the Properties vertical of Qualico’s integrated real estate model. It will operate alongside Rancho’s third-party condo management business, which will remain as an independent business unit.

This reflects the evolution of Qualico's income-producing portfolio, which will help tenants get more from their space, ensure brokers enjoy a more seamless experience and make our cities better places to live and work.

“Our expectation is that merging the two brands will result in an enhanced customer and employee experience,” said Kevin Van, President & CEO, Qualico. “We expect to see a pooling of resources between cities and further streamlining of processes and decision-making. Our plan is that Qualico Properties will truly leverage the best of the best from everyone.”

While Rancho and Qualico Commercial have always operated across Western Canada, each office reported to a regional head office in either Calgary, Edmonton, or Winnipeg. With the inclusion of assets in American markets such as Austin, TX, the company’s portfolio has continued to grow.

The decentralized model worked well for years, but as these brands grew, managing Qualico’s portfolio required operations to be harmonized and become more integrated.

The new structure centralizes decision-making under a leadership team dedicated to Qualico’s entire income-producing portfolio, headed up by Mike Saunders, Senior Vice-President, Qualico Properties.

Merging the Qualico Commercial and Rancho business units into Qualico Properties means that employees in Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Calgary can align their efforts, ideas, and decision-making.

“We have the incredible opportunity to streamline decades of leaders’ and employees’ hard work, take the best practices from every part of our newly-created vertical, and apply them throughout the business,” said Mike. “Last year already showed us how successful this approach can be, and now that we’re sharing this cohesion externally, with the launch of our Qualico Properties brand, I’m sure 2022 will continue in this trajectory.”

Along with a new name, the merging of the two brands has also brought about some other changes. Qualico has redesigned the online presence of the once-separate business units to reflect the unified brand, making it easier for customers to get the information they need, including through revamped property listings and updated online brochures.

As well, there’s a new look that better represents the value that Qualico Properties brings to the cities in which it operates, and people will see that new look on rebranded For Lease signage popping up at Qualico Properties shopping centres, office space, and industrial centres across the country.

These name and image changes are just the first step in Qualico’s mission to provide a more standardized and elevated experience for its customers, now and into the future.

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