Feb 16, 2022

StreetSide Developments Earns Top Spot in Calgary Townhome Sales

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Calgary, AB – StreetSide Developments sold the most townhomes in 2021 of any multi-family homebuilder in Calgary, according to the Zonda Urban Sales by Developer Report.

Overall, StreetSide Developments’ market share in townhome sales increased year-over-year by 57%, now totalling 11% of all sales in the Calgary region. The business unit sold 265 homes, 206 of which were townhomes.

“We are very proud and excited about this achievement,” said Richard Daley, Vice-President, StreetSide Developments Calgary. “I want to thank our team, who worked extremely hard last year in order for StreetSide to be ranked number one. I would also like to thank Calgary and our new homeowners for trusting StreetSide and giving us the privilege of constructing their dream home.”

Creekstone - Exterior Townhome by StreetSide Calgary

StreetSide Developments currently builds townhomes in six Calgary communities, including Belmont, Hudson in Creekstone, Silverado, Evanston, Redstone, and Harmony. The majority of the business unit’s projects are townhomes with a mix of condo fee and freehold properties, as well as bungalow villas.

Richard noted that the business unit is launching a ‘Thank you, Calgary’  marketing campaign across the city to thank homeowners and the StreetSide team, and to celebrate the major achievement.

“We have a core group of team members who have been involved in the planning and execution over the past number of years who now have an opportunity to celebrate this achievement,” he said. “They are inspired and proud of the fact that all of their hard work is paying off.”

According to Richard, earning the top spot in townhome sales is the culmination of years of effort in strategic land and project pipeline building, diligent design and product diversification, adaptive inventory management and construction resourcing, quality construction, well-developed, and executed sales and marketing strategies, and exceptional customer service.

This has helped StreetSide Developments Calgary build its market share, even in a highly competitive market.

“There are 66 multi-family builders in Calgary that are jockeying for approximately 3,000 multi-family sales per year,” Richard explained. “This means it’s extremely competitive, from land procurement through to a plethora of marketing and sales messages that buyers are exposed to daily. Qualico’s strengths from an experience, resourcing, and financial perspective gives us a ‘leg up’, so to speak, in navigating this competitive environment.”

The team has also faced other challenges common in the multi-family market, including COVID restrictions, affordability and qualification challenges, supply chain shortages, and ongoing cost increases. In response, StreetSide Developments Calgary has stuck to what it does best.

“Thanks to a strong approach to our business fundamentals, keeping our eye firmly on the customer, and focusing on the value inherent in our projects, processes, and people resources, we have been able to consistently grow our market share year-over-year to become a leader in our industry,” said Richard.

Going forward, Richard expects the townhome market to strengthen as rising prices in the single-family housing market mean more young families are looking for more affordable housing options.

Earning recognition for its significant townhome sales has been a shining moment for StreetSide Developments Calgary, but the team plans to continue striving for greatness.

“The entire StreetSide team is extremely proud of this accomplishment and we have positioned our product, our pipeline, and our resources to continue to leverage and remain a significant builder in the Calgary multi-family marketplace,” Richard said.

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