Dec 10, 2018

Qualico BC Region Officially Breaks Ground On New Office

Surrey, BC – Excitement is growing among the Qualico BC team as plans for the new Surrey office continue to move forward. Construction is slated to begin this December. 

The team has been renting space up until now, and has been the last regional office to do so. With ongoing expansion, the need for more space was inevitable, as the team had already outgrown two offices in the building that its called home for more than a decade.

The property will include a three-storey retail/commercial-mix building with retail space on the main floor and office space on the floors above for Qualico. Also on site, will be a two-storey warehouse, commercial buildings, and attractive landscaping and outdoor seating areas.





Gary Mertens, Regional Vice-President, BC Region, said the new space has been designed to suit Qualico’s specific needs and will offer numerous benefits for Qualico BC employees.

“Most notable is having enough space to operate efficiently,” said Gary. “With larger boardrooms to allow for more people, additional offices and cubicles to accommodate our growing team, and a large centralized lunch room with a spacious balcony that will bring all business units together and act as a gathering space to eat and socialize. Although, if you ask our employees about what they are looking forward to most, I can guarantee they’d say parking. Our current building lacks parking and it’s always been a struggle to find a spot after returning from site visits and meetings.”


The new office will be located in an area of Surrey called Cloverdale, about 15 minutes east of the current office location. The space is central to where Qualico BC does much of its building, and is close to Highways 10 and 17 – two major thoroughfare roads that provide access to many areas of the city in a matter of minutes.

While the team is certainly looking forward to moving into its new space, there will likely be some bittersweet moments that come with the relocation.

“Having been in this location for 11 years, many of our employees have developed relationships with the neighbouring businesses," said Gary. "Whether it’s the chiropractor and RMT downstairs, tellers at the bank next door, or the family-run pho restaurant across the street – everyone has their ‘go-to’ spot and will miss seeing the familiar faces.”

Qualico Communities was involved in acquiring the land and working with the architects to get the project rolling. Construction is beginning this December and the goal is for the property to be move-in ready by December 2019.


“It is an extremely exciting time for Qualico BC,” said Gary. “The groundbreaking is a significant milestone and step forward in our three-year journey. As the only remaining Qualico branch without their own office building, we're looking forward to watching the new building take shape and to finally have a home to call our own that will accommodate our growing team for years to come.”

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