Sep 11, 2023

Qualico Communities and Pacesetter Homes DFW Team Up in Elevon to Offer their Most Diverse Lot Mix to Date

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX – In Dallas-Fort Worth’s new Elevon community, Pacesetter Homes Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) and Qualico Communities have been working together on implementing the largest mix of lot types they have ever included in a single phase of a community.

Elevon is being developed by a group called MA Partners, which Pacesetter Homes previously bought lots from in the Meadow Run and Woodland Creek communities. Pacesetter Homes, along with another builder, has already been constructing homes in Elevon North.

With Qualico Communities DFW being the exclusive developer in Elevon South’s Pod D, all 258 lots will be designated to Pacesetter Homes DFW and showcase five different product types on four different lot sizes.

Blake Friesenhahn, Vice-President, Pacesetter Homes DFW, noted that the lot mix in Pod D is a unique opportunity, since most communities the business unit has built in throughout the area have two lot sizes at most.

“We initiated discussions with MA Partners early enough in the process to explain the benefits of including additional product types and how it would help diversify the community that will have over 4,000 home sites at build out,” Blake explained.

The operations team at Qualico Communities DFW has now completed servicing in Pod D, which will make way for the Pacesetter Homes team to take the reins on home construction. Soon, homebuyers will be able to choose from 26-ft., 30-ft., 40-ft., and 50-ft. lot sizes with a lineup of home options from Pacesetter Homes.

“We’re excited about the diversity of our product, the range of price points, and the lifestyles we’ll be able to cater to,” said Blake.

Two-unit townhomes will be built on individual fee simple, 26-ft.-wide lots. Each unit is 21 ft. in width and with only two units per building, it allows more natural light from windows on three sides of the home. This will be an affordable option for first-time homebuyers, singles or empty-nesters looking to downsize who want a step above other multi-family dwelling types.

New designs have been created for the 30-ft. product lot sizes. The housing mix will include both one-storey and two-storey plans ranging from 1,200 to 1,850 sq. ft., making them an excellent alternative for empty-nesters and young families looking for detached living that is competitively priced to attached product.

In addition to traditional front entry garage product, a portion of the 40-ft. lots are developed for a courtyard series product – something Pacesetter Homes introduced to the DFW market back in 2019.  These designs offer a gated portal entrance and decorative wall using architectural details of the home design to enclose the front yard area. Creating a unique outdoor space with additional privacy has been popular with empty-nesters and singles. 

Pacesetter Homes’ existing 50-ft. lot product offers larger one-storey and two-storey homes that have been desirable for larger families and buyers looking for home offices, game rooms and media rooms.

Meeting a variety of buyer needs with a mix of home types will also appeal to extended families who want to live with or near each other. Children, grandparents, siblings, and more can reside in the same neighbourhood, even if their lifestyle needs and budgets are vastly different.

John Vick, Vice-President, Qualico Communities DFW, expects the project in Elevon South to provide a valuable learning opportunity for both business units, the results of which could influence how things are done in future communities.

“I think this will be a good test case, since it's very unusual to have one community with this many product types all mixed together,” he said. “This will be a good demonstration of what it can look like, not just for the smaller lots, but to mix all the different lot types. It's going to be a lot of fun to see how things go with the smaller lot products, since there’s not a lot of that here.

From a marketing perspective, Taylor Humphrey, Division Sales and Marketing Manager, Pacesetter Homes DFW, said the project in Pod D at Elevon will allow the team to hit many different niches and price points, attracting all kinds of buyers and showcasing what Pacesetter Homes DFW and Qualico Communities has to offer the market.

“Elevon is such a unique and special community, and we’re excited to compete against other builders that will be in there,” he said. “I think it will show what we can do and what our products look like compared to others, since so many builders right now build a box and we have so many good architectural details and attractive exteriors and streetscapes.”

One unique feature of the community will be its community internet, which will be tied into Wi-Fi access points in parks and community amenities, and which differs from third-party internet providers often found in other communities.

To date, the two business units have completed servicing the area and are working with the city to get final approval so they can obtain permits and get started on model homes. Models of the 30-ft., 40-ft., and 50-ft. options will be constructed and should be completed by the end of 2023. Presales of Pacesetter Homes DFW’s product in Elevon South are expected to start in the fall of 2023.


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