Feb 22, 2023

Pacesetter Homes Saskatchewan Cleans House at Regina Home Builders’ Association Awards

Regina, SK – Pacesetter Homes Saskatchewan took home four important awards at the 2022 Regina and Region Home Builders’ Association (RRHBA) Master Awards earlier this month. The homebuilder won the Volume Builder of the Year – Single Family, Environmental Leadership 20+ Homes, Green Build of the Year, and Customer Satisfaction 40+ Homes awards.

Kal Hourd, Vice-President, Pacesetter Homes Saskatchewan, noted the importance of receiving the awards and what it says about the homebuilder’s reputation in the province.

“Pacesetter Homes Saskatchewan continues to grow and demonstrate leadership, not only as a premier builder in the province, but also as an organization that puts customer satisfaction, environmental efforts, and sustainability at the forefront,” he said. “The awards recognition is confirmation that we are doing the right things, and we are extremely proud of our team and their commitment to doing their best every day.”

The Volume Builder of the Year – Single Family award is presented to the RRHBA member that builds the most single-family homes within the year. Along with the significant market share Pacesetter Homes Saskatchewan enjoys in the province, Kal said other factors help the team achieve a high build volume.

“We’ve built strong relationships with our suppliers and trade partners and have strong communication about what our new home start expectations are,” he said. “Our suppliers and trade partners are doing everything they can to ensure they’ve got the product available when we need it, including holding product inventory for us when possible. Despite many challenges with supply chain and market volatility in 2022, we turned over our homes on the initial promised date 97% of the time.”

 “Our sales team has done a good job of setting our customers’ expectations, letting customers know they have our commitment to overcome any challenges by working with them to select different products and options that will save time and help deliver their home when promised,” Kal added.

For RRHBA members to be recognized for meeting or surpassing customer expectations, winners are determined by survey scores from homeowners.

“Our company has done a good job diversifying our product offering, both in terms of land type and home type,” he said. “Our sales team also reports back to management on what they believe the market needs, ensuring we stay on top of market trends and requirements. They have also created flexibility with our customers, finding acceptable and available alternatives if a product is back ordered or unavailable.”

The Green Build award recognizes achievement in construction that exceeds building standards for a new home to reduce the environmental impact, while the Environmental Leadership award recognizes the construction process of new homes to reduce the environmental impact. 

These include components such as building materials, insulation and air tightness, construction waste, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and indoor environment quality, as well as environmental build programs such as Built Green, EnerGuide, Energy Star, LEED for Homes, Net Zero or Net Zero Ready, Passive House, and R2000.

Pacesetter Homes Saskatchewan has taken the proper steps in the areas of net-zero and green building to be considered a leader in the market.

“Pacesetter is one of only four builders participating in a net-zero ready demonstration project and enters the homes in the Parade of Homes each year,” he said. “Because of this, we garner much attention from the media, the realtor community, and potential customers. Our team has worked closely with the company-wide sustainability initiative for several years, allowing us to become leaders in our communities.”

Pacesetter Homes Saskatchewan is planning for additional initiatives to continue being an environmental and corporate responsibility leader, Kal shared.

“We are continually looking for ways to improve our commitment to corporate responsibility,” he said. “We will focus on several areas in 2023, including reducing waste, building sustainably, and continuing our partnership with Habitat for Humanity to help end the cycle of poverty by contributing financially and offering our time in the form of volunteer days.”

Along with the four main category awards, Pacesetter Homes Saskatchewan also had two employees win sales awards for 2022 – Matt Danyluk and Kelsey Julé-Garbutt, who both won a Gold Sales Volume Award.

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