Feb 14, 2023

Qualico Communities Calgary Embarks on its Largest Community in Cochrane

Calgary, AB – Qualico Communities Calgary has made its largest land purchase in Cochrane, Alberta to date, with 545 acres that will be used to develop a future master-planned community called Southbow Landing.

Located just east of Highway 22 on the south edge of Cochrane, Southbow Landing will include residential areas, a large commercial center, views of the Bow River, and significant greenspaces throughout. It will also offer unparalleled access to the Town of Cochrane, the City of Calgary, and the nearby mountains.

Southbow Landing is anticipated to be developed in approximately 13 to 15 phases and will include three future school sites, more than 10 km of pathways, four parks, and extensive environmental reserve areas. Its central commercial area will be the largest on the south side of Cochrane, providing additional amenities for future homeowners and existing Cochrane residents.

Thilo Kaufmann, Vice President, Qualico Communities Calgary, said that Southbow Landing fits within the business unit’s commitment to community development in the region.

“Qualico has been committed to the Calgary Region since 1954, so it is likely no surprise that we have purchased such a large parcel in Cochrane,” he said.  “The town provides easy access to Calgary and the Rocky Mountains and provides all the amenities and services of a big city with small town charm.

At full build-out, the community will be home to a population of between 7,300 and 9,000 people.

“There will be a broad range of homeowners,” said Emily Smith, Marketing and Customer Care Manager, Qualico Communities Calgary. “In Cochrane, we’ve seen a lot of people who are new to the Calgary market, especially during the pandemic. There will be many families since Cochrane is a very family-friendly town. There are also a lot of seniors in the town, so there will be an opportunity for downsizers to find a great home.”

The variety of homeowners who will likely be attracted to the area will be reflected in the range of home types that will be offered in Southbow Landing.

“It will be a mix of single-family and multi-family throughout the community,” Emily said. “At the beginning, it will primarily be single-family; duplexes, laned and front garage homes, with multi-family options added later. There will also be an opportunity for some beautiful estate homes with spectacular views of the natural surroundings on the east side of the community.”

Current commercial amenities available in Cochrane include everything from small boutique shops, to restaurants, grocery stores and big box retailers.

While known in the past as a commuter town, Cochrane is attracting attractive employment opportunities in its own right. Tech giant Garmin recently announced it plans to expand operations in Cochrane, which will create 200 jobs.

Cochrane also provides outdoor recreation opportunities close to home, with many parks and pathways, and the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre. Southbow Landing will link into the existing pathways to connect the new community with other areas of town, allowing people to enjoy the environmental reserves and attractive views. The newly completed Jack Tennant Memorial bridge built near Southbow Landing will offer convenient access in and out to the Town.


The community is a unique project for Qualico due to its size and the number of people Southbow Landing is set to attract.

“This will be our biggest community in Cochrane,” said Emily. “And it’s large even compared to some of our more recent communities around Calgary, which can be around 150 to 200 acres. Because of the sheer size of Southbow Landing, we can create something that has a continuous look and feel. We have the space to build out not only beautiful homes, but also create amenities in the community that people love.”

Qualico Communities Calgary will work within the Neighborhood Plan that was previously approved by Cochrane Town Council in 2015. Groundbreaking for the community is expected to happen later this year, with the first phase of construction to follow.

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