Aug 8, 2022

Sterling Homes Edmonton Commits to Sustainability with BUILT GREEN Certification

Edmonton, AB – Sterling Homes Edmonton has become a BUILT GREEN certified homebuilder, earning recognition for building more sustainable, more affordable, and healthier homes. The builder has earned the certification on one home so far, receiving the Platinum level – BUILT GREEN’s highest certification.

BUILT GREEN is a national industry-driven non-profit organization that works with residential builders who are interested in responsible sustainability practices. The organization offers a variety of programs and learning opportunities, as well as third-party certification that verifies the energy performance and green features integrated into a home.

Sterling Homes’ Evolve Specification already exceeds the current building code standards, and they are taking the same philosophy of excellence towards preparation for future energy code requirements, which forecast building only Net Zero homes by 2030.

 The builder is taking a step-by-step approach to achieve the forecasted energy standard, with BUILT GREEN being the first step.

Since Sterling Homes Edmonton has already been committed to building energy-efficient homes for some time, the team felt that it made sense to take part in BUILT GREEN. This became very apparent after reviewing data during the initial testing of several homes. The data showed air tightness, which is a key component to the certification, had already met the needed requirements. This made providing homeowners with the value of a BUILT GREEN certificated home very attainable.

Erik Eisen, Director, Sales and Marketing, Sterling Homes Edmonton, noted that affordability for homeowners is a major reason to apply for the certification.

“We’re focused on providing the opportunity for affordable homeownership without compromise,” he said. “For us, affordability is important, so we look for any way we can reduce the cost of purchasing a new home, as well as reduce and ongoing costs for things like utilities and maintenance. Building a better-quality, more energy-efficient home reduces those costs.”

BUILT GREEN certification can save homebuyers up to 25% on their mortgage insurance premium, as well as reduce costs related to heating and energy use over time. In addition, homeowners have the advantage of advertising their home’s certification for resale benefits. With consumers more aware of energy efficiency, and place placing higher value on energy efficiency now than ever before,  homes with BUILT GREEN certification can sell for more on average than homes without the certification.

Sterling Homes Edmonton’s certification process began in March this year, with the builder first joining the BUILT GREEN program and completing BUILT GREEN qualifying courses, according to Kelly Williams, Drafting Manager, Sterling Homes Edmonton.

“After completing the courses, we then submitted our application on a specific home,” she said, “which included an extensive checklist, including building materials and envelope, building practices and methods, indoor air quality, ventilation, waste management, water conservation, and business practices,” said Kelly. “ It also requires a blower door test showing our air change per hour (air tightness), and an EnerGuide label provided by NRCan and our Energy Advisor.”

The home that earned Sterling Homes Edmonton its first BUILT GREEN certification is 20% more energy efficient than a typical home and uses 87 GJ/year compared to the 118 GJ/year used by the reference house.

Erik noted Sterling Homes Edmonton focuses on passive systems like air tightness to ensure a high-quality home. These factors pay off without requiring much cost or effort on the part of the homebuyer.

“If you get that right, it’s working for you all the time,” he said. “It doesn’t need to be replaced, it doesn’t need to be maintained, and there are no mechanical systems that can fail.”

With the success of its first BUILT GREEN-certified home, Sterling Homes Edmonton plans to apply for certification on all front attached garage homes in the coming months and will start applying for certification on all rear detached garage homes in January 2023.

“We are looking at ‘baking in’ a process to our system to apply for BUILT GREEN certification,” said Kelly. “Because we’re a high-volume builder, the process needs to be very efficient and effective before we start.”

Achieving BUILT GREEN certification on all future homes will mean a great selling point for Sterling Homes Edmonton and assurance for potential customers that the builder’s homes offer exceptional affordability and sustainability.

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