Mar 1, 2022

Foxridge Homes BC Completes First Phase of Freehold Row Homes in Westbrooke Community

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Langley, BC – Foxridge Homes BC has completed the first section of its freehold row housing project as part of phase one of Qualico Communities’ Westbrooke development located in Langley, BC. This marks the third recent freehold row home project for the business unit, with the others located in Maple Ridge and Surrey.

Construction of the 21 buildings with 56 units began in June 2020 and the final resident moved in at the end of January this year. The buildings include duplexes, triplexes, and quadplexes.

Freehold row homes are typically larger than traditional row homes/townhouses, and have the same ownership structure as a single-family home. There are no strata fees or strata corporations overseeing the property, although these can be incorporated at a later date if the homeowners want to get together to implement a certain project, like installing a joint landscape sprinkler system, for example.

Grant Miller, Director of Operations, Foxridge Homes BC, noted there are multiple benefits to freehold row houses. “These homes provide full ownership of the building structure and land, with no strata fees,” he said. “This allows people the freedom to update their home without needing outside approval. As well, freehold row homes often come at a more affordable price point than single-family homes.”

According to Sandy Nijjer, Director of Sales, Foxridge Homes BC, the Westbrooke freehold row homes are close to everything the community has to offer, including the new Donna Gabriel Robins Elementary across the street, and the nearby amenities at Willoughby Town Centre, which was developed by Qualico Communities.

The homes also have the distinction of being Foxridge Homes BC’s first row home project under the BC Energy Step Code, with the buildings achieving Step 3 and some units achieving Step 4 of the BC Energy Step Code.

Nicholas Bell, Project Manager, Foxridge Homes BC, shared, “Achieving Step 3 or 4 of the BC Energy Step Code is significant because homes that achieve these levels are 20-40% more efficient than a house built to the minimum BC Building Code requirements.” That means they are better insulated, less drafty, and more resistant to sound transmission, as well as provide healthier indoor air through professionally designed mechanical and ventilation systems. In addition, they are generally built to a higher quality standard through more rigorous quality control, and provide the end-user operational cost savings.

Freehold row homes follow a completion timeline similar to that of strata townhouse projects, in that because they are still considered multi-family buildings, there are more municipal restrictions and approvals, more inspections and city documentation required, and lengthier construction schedules when compared to a single-family home.

As well, the team mentioned that around four to six weeks were added to construction timelines for the builds in Westbrooke, since COVID-19 created staff/trade shortages, provincial restrictions, and supply chain issues.

To keep things on track, Foxridge Homes BC took some measures that not just helped with the recent row homes project, but that will also help with future ones.

“We made sure that we were continuously improving the row home product scheduling and construction practices, and this will help prepare us for the remaining row home phases in Westbrooke and our future townhouse sites,” said Grant. “Coordination and review of plan issues noted throughout the project will also be very useful in preparing the building plans for future phases.”

Foxridge Homes BC will be building 49 more freehold row home units in the Westbrooke community over the next few years, with phase two of the development currently awaiting permit release and construction likely to begin soon.

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