Jan 10, 2022

Qualico Communities BC Makes Progress on Westbrooke Development

Langley, BC – Qualico Communities BC has been hard at work on its Westbrooke development in the Township of Langley, which is set to bring many single-family and townhome options to the area in the coming years.

Qualico Communities LogoThe development will be within a 500-metre radius from Qualico Properties’ commercial area of Willoughby Town Centre, which will offer residents easy access to a variety of amenities. There are six phases in total in the development, although Qualico will not be part of Phase 5.

Construction on Phase 1 is wrapping up and is now at about 90 per cent completion. This phase has 147 lots in total, with 128 homeowners already moved in and 19 awaiting completion of their homes. This first phase includes Donna Gabriel Robins Elementary School, which is now open with enrolled students. Qualico Communities secured the site for the school board for this phase.

Servicing for Phase 2 is nearing completion, with Foxridge Homes about to start construction, and an additional 39 homes to be constructed soon. The first completed 23 homes are now selling, with appointments fully booked. Servicing for Phase 3 is also now underway on a 10-acre site just south of Phase 1. A total of 88 homes will be constructed in that phase, and Foxridge Homes is expected to break ground in the spring of 2022.

Phase 4 will feature a mix of 63 single-family and multi-family homes, while Phase 6 will include approximately 40 additional single-family homes. Phase 4 is currently awaiting permit approval and servicing for Phase 6 is anticipated to commence in February 2022.

“It is exciting to be able to drive through Westbrooke and observe every step of the development process at play,” said Kevin Anderson, Vice-President, Communities BC. “The neighbourhood is a flurry of activity with everything from families enjoying their new homes in Phase 1, home construction in Phase 2, and deep utility installation in Phase 3. We are proud to see this neighbourhood taking shape.”

Sarah Yusuf, Development Manager, Communities BC, said Westbrooke will also include desirable features like parks and a greenway.

“We’ll be including a pocket park, which is a one-acre site with some play equipment and some seating,” said Sarah. “We’re also being asked to include some tree plantings. We’ve retained a landscape architect to create the design for us and we’re targeting construction of the pocket park for summer next year.”

The pocket park is required by the Township, so Qualico formed a joint venture with two other developers in the area to purchase the property right next to Phase 2 of Westbrooke. There is also another larger park next to the school that Qualico helped secure.

As part of the pocket park purchase, Qualico Communities BC will also be creating four additional single-family lots on the remainder of the site.

Westbrooke also includes an ecological greenway, which runs east to west and through the pocket park, connecting the various phases. The greenway will be approximately 690 metres long and around 30 metres wide when fully built out. This marked another joint venture between Qualico Communities BC and the Township of Langley.

Based on the work completed so far, it won’t be too long before Westbrooke is a full and vibrant community providing quality homes in the Township of Langley.

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