Dec 10, 2021

Empire Drywall Introduces New Attic Insulation Division

Edmonton, AB – Empire Drywall has added something new to its list of service offerings – residential attic insulation using blowing wool, otherwise known as loose-fill attic insulation.

Empire Drywall Blowing in wool Attic Insulation in Edmonton

With the company working in 1,000 houses in Edmonton each year and each home requiring loose-fill insulation in the attic, Empire Drywall saw an opportunity to bring the service in-house, according to David Campbell, President, Empire Drywall.

“Historically, we subcontracted this work out,” he said. “However, in the spirit of vertical integration, and as a fairly easy way to add revenue and margin, it was a no-brainer to start our division to self-perform this work, just like we did with the spray foam division a few years back. We don’t have to make a single sales call and we have 1,000 POs to fulfill, as this scope was already part of our contract.”

The new attic insulation division includes two full-time installers, one part-time field manager (shared with another division), and one part-time general manager (shared with another division).

Although Empire Drywall purchased the insulation equipment in December 2020, COVID-related delays and the time required to build the rig meant that the division didn’t become fully operational until July this year.

Now that things are up and running, David noted that both the business and its customers will see the benefits of Empire Drywall taking on this work going forward.

“We can use our buying power to obtain the product cheaper than our previous installer,” he said. “We also removed their markup from the cost. We can now control and dictate the cost of this scope ourselves, rather than having to adhere to the price lists of a subcontractor.”

Empire Drywall Edmonton Insulation Installation

David said this will also allow Empire Drywall to dictate the schedule and what products go into the attic, so they are not only able to keep costs down but can also ensure that priority sites are hit first to minimize construction delays.

The new service offering is also intended to provide better customer service and more cost certainty.

As of right now, Empire Drywall is offering its attic insulation services in Edmonton only, but David said the goal will be to unify the business’ vertically integrated services in Calgary in the future.

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