Jun 30, 2021

StreetSide Developments Calgary Launches New Homebuyers Program

Calgary, AB – When buyers embark on their new home journey, what makes a homebuilder truly stand out from the pack?

StreetSide Certified Logo

StreetSide Developments Calgary aims to help new homebuyers realize the full potential of homeownership with the launch of their exclusive StreetSide Certified Program. Launched in April, the program showcases the reasons the multi-family homebuilder provides the best value in the market.

“Our StreetSide Certified Program encompasses all of the value StreetSide Developments Calgary, as a Qualico Company, offers our homeowners,” said Max Conrad, Marketing Manager, StreetSide Developments Calgary.“ From the development and construction process to our after-sales support, StreetSide Certified provides potential homeowners so much more than other multi-family builders simply don’t or can’t offer.”

StreetSide Certified Collateral

The program itself is a one-stop-shop for information on StreetSide Developments Calgary and their processes - it is designed to guide homeowners with the information that matters most to them without wading through pages and pages of collateral.

“We want to provide our homeowners with peace of mind when they’ve chosen StreetSide to build their new home,” said Max. “StreetSide Certified clearly sets us apart from other builders. It shows how much care, effort, and time we put into every single one of our homes, and homeowners.”

3 Parts to StreetSide Certified Program

The StreetSide Certified Program has three core components: StreetSide Built, covering the development and construction process, StreetSide Edge, representing all of the value the company brings as a builder due to our relationship with Qualico, and StreetSide Home, showing how the company continues to support homeowners after they’ve taken possession of their new home.

StreetSide Built includes factors such as the design and construction process, sound attenuation, and interior finishes. It involves gaining a clear understanding of the target market, ensuring all of the plans and permits are in place and constructing the home to StreetSide Developments Calgarys’ exacting standards.

StreetSide Edge involves completing a thorough analysis of design and building components, leveraging trade and supplier relationships built through Qualico’s vertical integration, and surveying the competition to ensure customers are getting the best price possible in the Calgary marketplace. As well,  StreetSide Edge assists with selling your existing home and offers a referral program combined with the new Qualico4Life program.

StreetSide Home includes things like warranties, condo fees, a Move-In Concierge, and partnerships with Telus and Shaw for TV/internet packages.


“While all of the items included in the StreetSide Certified Program existed before the program was implemented,” Max explained, “We needed to streamline all of the components into an easy-to-understand package. Our program gives our buyers confidence when selecting us as their builder.”

There was also a need to make it easier for the team to explain to homebuyers all of the value that comes along with choosing StreetSide Developments Calgary, Max said.

“By offering StreetSide Certified,” he said, “we now have a program that is accessible to our sales team and to our homeowners. We’re moving the conversation from price to value.”

The program is also important because it highlights each of StreetSide’s teams’ contributions to the entire home building process.

“Many organizations have people and processes behind the scenes that provide tremendous value,” said Max, “and a program like StreetSide Certified helps to champion everyone who contributes to the success of StreetSide Developments Calgary. StreetSide Certified will ultimately lead to more satisfied homeowners for the company.”

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