Jan 27, 2021

Streetside Edmonton Launches Innovative Home Designs for First-time Buyers

Edmonton, AB - In today’s new home market, first-time buyers are focused on finding a home that is aligned with their unique needs. Budget is also top-of-mind, but buyers are not looking to compromise on smart design and modern finishes. Determined to design floorplans that are highly functional, StreetSide Developments Edmonton has taken a unique approach to its new home design by consulting with new homebuyers, collecting feedback, and reinventing home design for the first-time buyer.

Two examples of how StreetSide Developments is innovating for the first-time homebuyer market are the Abbey model and the upcoming Urban Flats property.

Abbey Model

StreetSide Developments’ Abbey model is a three-storey freehold townhome with thoughtful design. At 1,098 square feet, crafting three floors of functional yet spacious living space was a feat supported by valuable buyer feedback and careful planning. This model includes two master bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, a single-car garage, upper-floor laundry, and an additional bedroom/den.

Part of the Abbey’s appeal is the vastly open space on the main floor, with uninterrupted views from front to rear and large windows on both sides of the home, flooding in natural light to enhance the ambience of the space.

Most modern homes offer a half bath on the main floor, but in many cases, this takes up valuable living space. StreetSide Developments has moved the half bath to the lower floor near a functional office/additional bedroom. Additionally, to save on floor space in this half bath, large pedestal and vanity sinks have been replaced by a well-designed, modern micro-sink.

The Abbey model meets many of the basic requirements of today’s first-time buyers by offering an affordable square footage, while maintaining a comfortable and livable, well-designed home.


“When working with a 14-foot-wide home design, you have to step outside of conventional thinking,” said Dave Armstrong, Sales & Marketing Director, StreetSide Developments Edmonton. “By maximizing the livable space in our homes and the efficiency of our purchase prices, our buyers enjoy a modern home that ticks every box on their lists.”

Urban Flats

This exciting new project coming to West Edmonton’s Secord community has been designed to buck the traditional trend of an apartment-style property. Urban Flats is planned as a three-storey walk-up, with units varying from studio style to two bedrooms.

Through consumer feedback and strategic testing, StreetSide Developments Edmonton has designed this property to eliminate some of the common apartment-style features—such as underground parking and elevators—that typically carry high maintenance costs and drive up the starting price for homebuyers. Since price is a deciding factor for most first-time buyers, these and other changes have been made to maximize the home available for the purchase price by providing only features the customers’ value and are willing to pay for.

“We start with an ideal purchase price and work backwards,” said Dave. “This property will offer units at never-seen-before prices, but without sacrificing the comfort of a well-designed home.”

Buyers will benefit in the long term by purchasing one of these properties. With a highly desirable purchase price and a comfortable living space, homeowners will enjoy living in the home while building valuable equity over time. The concept of Urban Flats provides options to a homeowner who may wish to retain the home as an investment property or use the equity to increase their down payment on a new home in the future.

Urban Flats is planned to break ground in 2021 with the first building available before the end of the year.

The challenges of mortgage qualification and market apprehension can be the drivers of change for the housing industry, and StreetSide Developments is listening.

“History is a good teacher,” said Dave. “But you have to continually challenge conventional thought processes.”

StreetSide Developments is taking a closer look at the typical entry-level home and exploring ways to improve not only how the floorplan functions but how the owner experiences the home. It isn’t about simply meeting the needs of a buyer for today, but how that home will also perform in the future.

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