Jan 12, 2021

designQ Edmonton Offers Safe, One-Stop Shopping During the Pandemic

great room with fireplace

Edmonton, AB – designQ Edmonton has been working to create a truly comprehensive and stress-free experience for customers, which has proven to be especially valuable throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Within the last year, the team has introduced a new website, which allows homebuyers to view products, including furniture, online prior to their appointments. Customers can search for products and make a wish list that they can save or send to their designQ designers.

The site also includes inspiration photos from showhomes and videos showcasing each store in designQ.

Providing customers with the option to look through all of designQ’s offerings ahead of time from the comfort of their own homes, and therefore eliminating the need to go from one store to the next to select interior finishes, is just one way the team has helped to keep clients and employees safe.

Flooring demo room at designQ

“We were able to continue with appointments throughout the pandemic without many disruptions to homebuyers,” said Diana Sim, Interior Designer, designQ Edmonton. “We’ve been limiting the number of people allowed during the appointment to two and only have two client groups in at a time. We are also constantly keeping up with sanitizing and following the guidelines set out by health officials."

Double vanity bathroom with LED lights

Adding furniture and décor offerings means designQ is now a one-stop shop. Customers can arrange to have all purchases placed in their homes prior to their possession date to make their move even easier.

“By having the original selection samples for each house, the client no longer needs to use a picture or try and remember what the colour looked like when purchasing furniture to coordinate,” said Melissa London, Manager, Marketing & Process, design Edmonton. “The clients are already familiar with our staff, location, and safety protocols, and then to top it off, we have all their selections already. So, it really does make it very easy to select new furniture for their new homes.”

great room with fireplace

Diana and Melissa said feedback from customers about the service designQ has provided during the pandemic has been positive.

“I think for the most part people are understanding of us having to take extra precautions,” said Diana, “and they appreciate the extra care we are taking for their safety, all while still maintaining the personalized experience for each homebuyer.”

Melissa noted that the pandemic has taught the designQ team how resilient they are and what they can accomplish when they rally together.

“In a very short amount of time, we had to completely change our appointment process to make sure we were keeping our clients and staff safe, while still creating clients’ dream homes,” said Melissa. “We wanted to ensure we kept the customer experience top-notch, just with an extra layer of protection.”

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