Sep 16, 2020

Pacesetter Homes Texas Receives Multiple 2020 MAX Awards Honours

Austin, TX - Pacesetter Homes Texas will need more room in its trophy case after scooping up several honours at this year’s Marketing and Advertising Excellence (MAX) Awards, presented by the Home Builders Association of Greater Austin.

Home Builders Association of Greater Austin's MAX Awards 2020 Logo

The MAX Awards, which celebrate the achievements and outstanding service of builder, developer, remodeler, and associate members, received nearly 400 submissions this year.

Pacesetter Homes won the awards for Sales Professional of the Year (DJ Soto), Online Sales Professional of the Year (Nianne Van Bibber), Sales Manager of the Year (Chelsea Timmons), and Marketing Professional of the Year (Alex White), along with multiple sales and model awards and finalist mentions.

Dennis Ciani, Director of Marketing, Pacesetter Homes Texas, said the MAX Awards help to showcase the quality of the business unit’s employees and training, as well as the supportive work environment it offers.

“We start by using a personality profile during the hiring process,” said Dennis. “We share the results with the employee so they can better understand who they are and how to connect with other personality types. We continue to put a strong focus on sales training, both in new hires and our seasoned professionals.”

Alex White, Marketing Coordinator and winner of the Marketing Professional of the Year award, said she feels honoured to have been recognized with the award, especially in light of the heavy competition this year. She not only credited her work ethic, flexibility, and skillset for the win, but also the Pacesetter Homes team and environment in general.

Alex White is a Marketing Coordinator with Pacesetter Homes Texas

Alex White, Marketing Coordinator, Pacesetter Homes Austin


“I think an award like this is a true testament to the incredible culture and hardworking team at Pacesetter Homes,” she said. “We are one big family, always supporting and lifting each other up.”

Alex won both an ‘Employee of the Quarter’ and ‘Employee of the Year’ internal award in her first year at Pacesetter Homes Texas, which Dennis believes speaks to her success, dedication, and connection with fellow employees.

“Alex is willing to go above and beyond in taking on new challenges, and I believe she will continue to be recognized in the industry by her peers,” he said.

Alex pointed to one particular marketing campaign held last year that stands out in her mind as being important and possibly another factor in her award win.

“In late 2019, as we were getting ready to launch a brand new product, The Twinhomes, we decided to do things a little differently from previous grand openings,” said Alex. “This product is new to the market and to the area in which we were launching it (Georgetown), so we decided to launch a drip campaign, where we released a little information at a time to the public to increase interest and excitement in The Twinhomes.”

Alex recorded a series of four videos, “dripping” a little information at a time, which the team ran as social media ads over a four-month period. Through these social media ads, Pacesetter Homes Texas was able to grow their interest list to almost 500 homebuyers.

When the business unit finally released The Twinhomes for sale on March 3, the homes sold out within the first hour.

“It was so exciting to be a part of that campaign, and the marketing truly worked because I decided to purchase a Twinhome myself!” said Alex.

Online Sales Professional of the Year winner and New Home Concierge at Pacesetter Homes Texas, Nianne Van Bibber, said her award win lets her know that she’s on the right path.

Nianne Van Bibber is a New Home Concierge with Pacesetter Homes Texas

Nianne Van Bibber, New Home Concierge, Pacesetter Homes Austin


“I’m proud to say I’m a four-time winner in eight years,” she said. “Each time, I am very humbled and it reiterates I’m doing the right thing in helping others. I started this position nine years ago and I’m amazed to see the growth in myself and how many customers I have touched over the years. It’s been an honour.”

Nianne said her passion for her work is what she believes is the reason for her award win this year.

“I am successful in my role because I consider every lead and phone call important,” she said. “Everyone’s story is different when moving, and looking for a new home can be stressful. Finding the connection over the phone and making someone feel at ease is my goal. I’m not face-to-face with our customers, but they can hear that I’m genuine in helping them.”

Dennis said Nianne receiving recognition from industry professionals comes as no surprise.

“Nianne not only helped to develop our online sales program, she also helped train each of our sales representatives on our CRM program and encouraged them to use BombBomb video emails so they can better connect with each of their customers,” said Dennis.

Josh Ford, Sales Manager, Pacesetter Homes Texas, shared what makes DJ Soto, Sales Professional of the Year award winner and New Home Specialist, successful in his role.

DJ Soto is a New Home Specialist with Pacesetter Homes Texas

DJ Soto, New Home Specialist, Pacesetter Homes Austin


“DJ has been the consummate team player ever since he started working at Pacesetter Homes,” said Josh. “DJ does a great job connecting with our guests on a deeper level, allowing him to truly understand their needs to help them find the perfect home. One of DJ’s best attributes is his strong determination. Once he sets his sights on a goal, he will not stop until he meets or exceeds it.” 

Other award wins for Pacesetter Homes Texas at this year’s MAX Awards include:

  • Best Special Sales Promotion – Limited Time – Early Bird Savings Event
  • Best Interior Merchandising of a Model Priced Under $349,999 – The Bailey

Pacesetter Homes Texas' The Bailey's Kitchen

  • Best Product Design – Specialty Product – Volume Builder (Multi-Gen), Easton Park – The Lanai
  • Top Producers (Silver) – Sales of $6 million+ (Alisha Battle, DJ Soto, Michelle Morris, Tina Stone)
  • Top Producers (Bronze) – Sales of $4 million+ (Garrett Luther, Jordan Bauer, Laura Clingaman, Paula Campbell, Richard Crow, Susan Willeford)

Congratulations to all of this year’s MAX Awards winners and finalists!

Pacesetter Homes Texas' The Lanai's Kitchen

Best Product Design – Specialty Product – Volume Builder (Multi-Gen),
Easton Park – 
The Lanai

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