Sep 9, 2020


Calgary, AB - The BILD Calgary Region Awards celebrate the most creative and professional work in the Calgary homebuilding industry, and this year, NuVista Homes received the award for Best Townhome/Villa, $300-$380K. The award was given to The Pearson, a home that was designed using feedback from homebuyers, making it a unique model that reflects customer demand.

NuVista Homes' The Pearson Kitchen

“The Pearson is really interesting,” said Wendee Bishop, Marketing Manager and Creative Director, NuVista Homes. “It is a brand new plan but it was derived directly from customer feedback. As a homebuilder, we value our customers’ ideas, so we decided to incorporate homebuyer suggestions into our plan revisions.”

When customers make a request for design changes, the feedback is recorded by NuVista Homes’ staff and analyzed, looking for shifts in customer preferences. If demand is there, adjustments are made, and the home plan designers draw up a revision of the home.

“With The Pearson, we knew that customers were looking for a kitchen that was located in the back of the home and desired a large window overlooking the backyard,” said Wendee. “It is actually somewhat retro, as older homes had this feature, however, this style of kitchen is typically cut off from the rest of the home. Customers desired an “L”-shaped kitchen but still wanted an open-plan concept, so we designed the home with these suggestions in mind.”

The home also features large windows at the front in both the living room and the second-floor master bedroom, which provide homeowners with natural light. There are also nine-foot ceilings throughout the home, which give it a spacious, airy feeling.

NuVista Homes' The Pearson Living Room

At 1,762 sq. ft., the Pearson is located in the community of Sirocco in South West Calgary. The home design has been well-received by the public, though it is still quite new.

“The Pearson plan is selling well,” said Wendee. “We also have created a single-family home version, called The Lakemont, and it is also becoming quite popular. It is featured in the community of Redstone, where customers have made similar requests.”

NuVista Homes is proud to be honoured by The BILD Calgary Region Awards, celebrating innovative home design.

“We were thrilled and honoured to have won, as our industry peers are the ones judging for the BILD Awards. It means a lot to us, and proves how important it is to listen to your customers.”

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