Sep 2, 2020

DesignQ Edmonton Launches New Online Retail Shop

Edmonton, AB – Buying a new home is an exciting endeavour and it is now easier than ever for Edmonton homebuyers to incorporate a designer’s touchinto their new home. designQ Edmonton has launched a new and innovative e-commerce site for homebuyers, allowing them to shop for the furniture and décor they’ve seen displayed in showhomes of Qualico’s homebuilders.

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For the designQ team, the progression into retail sales has been a natural one. Many customers inquire about showhome furniture, wondering where they could purchase it. However, sourcing that information wasn’t always available, making it more challenging to create a similar “showhome look” in their own home.

With the launch of the designQ shop, customers are now able to shop the showhome directly, including a complimentary design consultation with help from the talented designers who staged it. With natural light, a quiet ambiance, and a fireplace in the background, customers get a real-world feel for how the pieces will look in their new homes, giving them full confidence with every purchase.

designQ Edmonton home page

“The primary objective of the e-commerce site is for people to view and shop our entire product catalogue of furniture and décor, while getting inspiration from the showhomes,” said Melissa London, Manager of Marketing and Process, designQ Edmonton. “Each showhome has its own ‘shopping page’ on the site, allowing customers to see a picture of the showhome and shop the items in it. They can also go to the showhome to look and touch the items in person.”

The furniture and décor product catalogue includes tables, beds and mattresses, custom upholstery, area rugs, art and wall décor, lighting, seating, storage, tables, blinds, custom drapery, wall panels and wallpaper.

designQ shop by style online

“Customers are able to search for products in four different ways: product, style, room and showhome,” said Melissa. “They can also read about our additional benefits such as our included warranty, financing programs, the free design consultation, and the custom upholstery program.”

All furniture and décor is sourced exclusively from Canadian-owned and operated businesses, and when a customer places an order, the item is then delivered from the manufacturer to the designQ warehouse within six to eight weeks. Once the item is inspected, customers can then either pick it up directly or have it delivered to their home.

Since opening its doors in 2013, designQ has been an integral part of the homebuilding process for three of Edmonton’s largest homebuilders: Pacesetter Homes, Sterling Homes, and StreetSide Developments. Customers benefit from designQ’s expertise, always receiving expert advice on the “finishing touches” of their new homes, including flooring, cabinets and various finishes.

Since 2015, designQ has also staged all of the showhomes throughout the Northern Alberta Region.

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