Jun 16, 2020

Sterling Homes' Sales Team Shines at the 2020 CHBA-Edmonton Excellence in Housing Awards

Edmonton, AB – Sterling Homes Edmonton dominated the main sales awards at the 2020 Canadian Home Builders’ Association—Edmonton Region’s Awards of Excellence in Housing during the live streaming event on May 21.

CHBA Excellence in Housing Awards Cover

Two of the business unit’s salespeople took home three of the four awards in the Sales People of the Year Award category:

  • Yogesh Bharmota, Area Sales Manager, won the Rookie of the Year – Single/Multi-Family Award 
  • Chantelle Mackenzie, Area Sales Manager, won both the Single-Family and Multi-Family Awards in the Sales Person/Team of the Year subcategory

Yogesh Bharmota and Chantell MacKenzieYogesh was also presented with a Gold Sales Volume Award ($17 to $20 Million), and Chantelle earned a Bronze Sales Volume Award ($12 to $14 Million).

Brent Bommes, Vice-President, Sterling Homes Edmonton, highlighted that Yogesh and Chantelle have both been in their roles for just under two years each, but have already made significant progress.“The real key is their ability to market themselves and network effectively,” said Brent. “On top of that, it is their ability to nurture their leads and convert those leads into buyers. What ultimately made these sales team members stand out was their commitment to go the extra mile.”

Erik Eisen, Director, Sales & Marketing, Sterling Homes Edmonton, pointed to Chantelle and Yogesh’s unique strengths as major reasons for their success.

“Chantelle has really led our team in new ways of selling, online marketing, social media marketing, and engagement through different channels online,” said Erik. “And Yogesh has a very strong networking presence and has developed very good relationships within the realtor community.”

Both Chantelle and Yogesh learned the ropes working as assistants and are now top performers because they develop strong marketing strategies and understand the competition, the product, and the art of negotiating with clients, noted Erik.

Chantelle said she feels honoured to have been recognized with two awards at this year’s online event.

“I’m so proud of the work I have done and what I’ve been able to achieve in such a short amount of time,” said Chantelle. “These awards are deeply meaningful to me, as it truly shows that all of the hard work and long hours I have poured into my career have been validated. Along the way, it has helped me to stay true to myself, always be honest, think outside the box, and always remember that every decision I make will affect me in the future.”

Yogesh also saw winning his award as validation for his efforts to do the best he can in his role.

“I felt happy and proud that my hard work paid off,” said Yogesh. “I became a rookie in my first year, and it was the one and only chance to win, so I gave it all of my effort and focus. Hard work, persistence and a never-give-up approach helped me become a top-performing salesperson.”

Along with their personal qualities, Chantelle and Yogesh have also been able to draw from Sterling Homes Edmonton’s workplace culture and opportunities to aid in their success.

“We involve our sales team in product development with focus groups on what buyers are looking for, which in turn creates alignment with our goals and vision,” said Brent. “We provide ongoing training in new techniques and new tools that will help our salespeople be successful, and this also assists the veteran salespeople to understand that they must be adaptive in order to succeed.”

Erik believes that Sterling Homes Edmonton is able to provide a variety of resources that can help set the company’s salespeople up to be “architects of their own success.”

“We provide a framework,” said Erik. “We have a very strong reach with our website, which gets over 40,000 visits per month, and we have a successful online sales concierge program that brings leads in through the website and distributes them to the sales team. We’ve also done some work on competition packages and reward programs, and we have a huge database of realtors that we work with.”

More than anything, Erik said the sales team at Sterling Homes Edmonton strives for the long view, by building a reputation and creating customers for life.

Sterling Homes Edmonton wasn’t the only business unit to take home awards at this year’s CHBA—Edmonton Region Awards of Excellence in Housing.

Best Direct Mail Campaign for Cinco de Mayo

Qualico Communities Edmonton won best direct mail for 'Cinco de Mayo'


A big congratulations also goes out to the following:

  • Qualico Communities Edmonton – Advertising Awards – Best Direct Mail for ‘Cinco de Mayo’
  • Pacesetter Homes Edmonton – Single-Family Any Style Model Awards – Best Single-Family $450,000 to $500,000 for ‘Quincy in Summerwood’
  • StreetSide Developments Edmonton – Multi-Family Duplex/Townhouse Awards – Best Multi-Family $350,000 to $400,000 for ‘The Mondavi’
  • StreetSide Developments Edmonton – Multi-Family Duplex/Townhouse Awards – Best Multi-Family $550,000 to $650,000 for ‘The Opus’
  • Jerry Zhang, Sterling Homes Edmonton; David Edmiston, Pacesetter Homes; Sunny Kang, Pacesetter Homes Edmonton – Sales Volume Awards – Platinum – $20 to $40 Million
  • Ryan Richardson, Sterling Homes Edmonton; Yogesh Bharmota, Sterling Homes Edmonton – Sales Volume Awards – Gold – $17 to $20 Million
  • Geoff McKay & Kelsey Priddle, Sterling Homes Edmonton; Biljana Spasojevic, Pacesetter Homes Edmonton – Sales Volume Awards – Silver – $14 to $17 Million
  • Chantelle Mackenzie, Sterling Homes Edmonton; Gaurav Dev, Pacesetter Homes Edmonton – Sales Volume Awards – Bronze – $12 to $14 Million

The Opus' Kitchen from StreetSide Developments

StreetSide Developments Edmonton's The Opus won Best Multi-Family $550,000 to $650,000

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