Jun 2, 2020

StreetSide Developments Winnipeg Launches New Innovative and Efficient Website

Winnipeg, MB - Today’s consumer is more informed than ever. Everything from cars to can-openers can be researched online, and when it comes to home buying, customers expect to be able to self-educate in real time.

In response to this ever-growing trend, StreetSide Developments Winnipeg has launched a new website, which includes an extensive inventory of quick possession homes linked to the business unit's database. This integration automatically populates the website with information, including pricing, model/community specs, possession dates, common fees, parking, views and design packages.

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The new website aims to improve accuracy, consistency, and timeliness of information. With seven active communities and hundreds of available units, maintaining an up-to-date online inventory for StreetSide Developments was a significant amount of work. Automation simply made sense.

“The integration works by pairing a business unit’s NEWSTAR data with its website and synchronizing this at a regular interval,” said Danny Meadows, Web Services Specialist, Corporate Services. “Information flows to the website on a regular basis, eliminating much of the manual effort previously required. We work with business units to determine their specific needs and then customize their integration as needed.”

StreetSide Developments | Condo Finder | Winnipeg

Web Services can provide this function to new websites it develops, as well as existing websites.

The ability to connect Sitefinity and WordPress websites to StreetSide Developments’ main operating system, increases both efficiency and consistency, but it also allows the business unit to collect more data on visitor history.

In addition, the automation of builder inventory significantly improves the customer experience. Having accurate information at their disposal, ensures that customers are making informed decisions. Additional information, which was previously unfeasible to maintain, can now also be included to further enhance the customer experience.

“When we set out to create our new website, the goal was to become as transparent as possible with our online visitors, which meant displaying all of our prices, condo fees, and inventory to the public,” said Kelli Roach, Sales & Marketing Manager, StreetSide Developments Winnipeg.

Data accuracy can also make additional sales tactics more feasible, such as an option to reserve a home online.

“We strongly believe that giving online visitors access to shop for their home in real time is the direction home buying is taking,” said Kelli. “We have even included a function where customers can place a 24-hour reservation on a unit, which allows us to capture our customers when their interests are high.”

The new website showcases all of StreetSide Developments’ communities in one easy-to-navigate location, rather than different websites and domains for each project. In turn, this amalgamation highlights the strength of the business unit’s brand. Visitors are able to compare suites across all of the team’s projects, making information gathering and evaluating easier.

StreetSide Developments | Communities | Winnipeg

The site also allows StreetSide Developments to move towards becoming completely digital. Through the “Homeowner Portal,” homebuyers have access to traditional print materials, including homeowner manuals, warranty, user care videos, emergency contacts, and steps in the buying process, to help set buyer expectations.

StreetSide Developments Winnipeg is proud of the new site, and so far the result is very positive.

“We want to help our business units be as efficient as possible, so they can focus on homebuilding,” said Danny. “The site makes the sales process smoother for both our business units and our customers.”

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