May 26, 2020

Sterling Homes Edmonton Expands Self-Showings Amidst COVID-19

Edmonton, AB - In the midst of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, businesses are finding new and innovate ways to meet the needs of customers. Sterling Homes Edmonton is no exception, and although the homebuilder was already providing self-showings of new homes as a convenience measure, the program has now been expanded in order to accommodate the physical distancing guidelines implemented by the government.

“We’re doing a lot to accommodate customers,” said Brent Bommes, Vice-President, Sterling Homes Edmonton. “We had previously introduced our self-showing option and it was very popular. In recent weeks, we’ve simply accelerated the program. We see that it works, we’re getting sales.”

Sterling Homes | Self-Showings | Edmonton

In order for customers to take a self-tour of a home, they need only start by visiting the Sterling Homes website. Ready for viewing, there are a dozen showhomes listed on the site, with the option of scheduling a time to go for a self-showing. Customers upload a selfie and provide a photo of their driver’s license, then they are given a code to enter the building once they are in front of the property.

Sterling Homes | Self-Showing Options

When the tour is complete, a Sterling Homes representative returns to the home and wipes it down. Safety is of the utmost importance. Customers can also request a self-showing of any quick possession home and schedule a video tour of any of the showhomes, using a live-streaming video app, such as WhatsApp or Google Hangout.

Erik Eisen, Director, Sales & Marketing, Sterling Homes Edmonton, says shopping for a new home may not be a high priority right now, but there are many customers who do not have the option to wait.

“We’re sensitive about serving our customers any way we can in this turbulent situation,” Eric shared, in an interview with the Edmonton Journal. “There might be occurrences where someone might take advantage, but we’re not anticipating that.”

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It is important for businesses to adapt and change, given the current climate, and Sterling Homes Edmonton is doing it well.

“We like to say in our industry that we’re a big ship, too big of a ship to turn - but that’s an excuse,” said Brent. “To turn a big ship, you just need to put bow thrusters on the front of it.”

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