May 14, 2020


Calgary, AB - Two Qualico homebuilders within the same Calgary business unit were recognized recently by Avid Ratings for their excellent customer service. NuVista Homes Calgary received the Avid Gold Award and Augusta Fine Homes Calgary won the Avid Benchmark Award.

The Avid Gold Award is presented to builders that have the highest scores in their region based on the New Home Move-In Experience survey that is filled out by customers. The survey captures information spanning from the purchasing experience to the first 90 days of ownership.

Avid Awards | Gold Award Winner | NuVista Homes | Alberta

The Avid Benchmark Award is awarded to builders that score among the top 25 per cent in Canada on the New Home Move-In Experience survey that is filled out by customers.

Avid Awards | Benchmark Award | Alberta

Now in its 17th year, the Avid Awards event is typically held annually as part of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) national conference, although this year the event was cancelled due to restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mike Plumton, Vice-President, NuVista Homes and Augusta Fine Homes, said the awards are a significant achievement for the two teams.

“It’s an honour to be recognized for these awards,” said Mike. “You can’t take them for granted, as they’re not easy to win. They act as a report card for us. We learn a lot from surveying our homeowners and we are always improving based on listening to their feedback. I would like to personally thank all of our homeowners for taking the time to fill out the survey.”

This is the first Avid Award that NuVista Homes has received, but Mike noted that the company has a long history of taking customer satisfaction seriously over its 20-plus years in business.

“It’s all about setting proper expectations and having good communication, which is a lot more challenging when you’re building custom homes,” said Mike. “There will be challenges, but how you handle it sets you apart from your competitors.”

While this is the first time that Augusta Fine Homes Calgary has received the Avid Benchmark Award specifically, the company has received other Avid Awards in previous years – the Avid Diamond Award last year, and the Avid Gold Award the year before that.

“This is our third year in a row being recognized,” said Mike. “It is significant, since Augusta Fine Homes’ history with Avid Ratings only goes back to 2016, when we first partnered up with them to take over our customer survey process.”

Avid Service Awards Awarded to Staff in Three Regions

It was also announced that seven employees from three different business units were awarded an Avid Service Award this year.

The following were recognized for their exemplary customer service:

  • Hal Firlotte, Sales Rep, NuVista Homes Calgary
  • Richard Grainger, Walk-Through Rep, NuVista Homes Calgary
  • Lisa Castro, Sales Rep, Broadview Homes Winnipeg
  • Blair Jaquet, Sales Rep, Broadview Homes Winnipeg
  • Meaghan Braun, Design Rep, Broadview Homes Winnipeg
  • Alisha Battle, Sales Rep, Pacesetter Homes Austin
  • Sergio Gutierrez, Project Superintendent, Pacesetter Homes Austin

Avid Service Awards, now in their 7th year, are presented to employees who receive stand-out customer satisfaction scores from homeowners who complete the AvidCX survey. Those who are in the top 10 per cent nationwide among the thousands of employees in the database receive the award.

Avid Awards | Service Award Winners | Nationwide

This year’s results were based on surveys taken by customers who closed on new homes in 2019.

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