May 11, 2020

Foxridge Homes Metro Vancouver Wins its First Avid Gold Award

Metro Vancouver, BC – When a customer has a positive homebuying experience, the impression they have of their builder tends to stick with them. Clearly, Foxridge Homes Metro Vancouver has been doing something right, as the team recently won their first Avid Gold Award, which is based entirely on customer feedback.

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Avid Ratings presents the Avid Awards each year to recognize builders across North America that are providing extraordinary customer experiences. Winners are calculated using scores from customer surveys, and to qualify as a finalist for an Avid Award, builders must score above the 25th percentile in Canada overall.

Every homebuyer survey is meticulously analyzed to determine each builder’s Avid Index Score. The Avid Index Score is evaluated using scores from customers’ total homebuying experience, their willingness to refer, and the actual number of recommendations a buyer has made.

Now in its 17th year, the Avid Awards event is typically held annually as part of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) national conference, although this year the event was cancelled due to restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gary Mertens, Regional Vice-President, British Columbia, said the Avid Awards stand out amongst other accolades within the industry for a particular reason.

“This is one of the best awards in the industry that a homebuilder can win,” said Gary. “I say that because this is the only award where you’re being judged by your customers. This is the result that you’re getting from your own customers who are filling out the surveys to tabulate scores.”

Gary was quick to point to the hard work and dedication of the entire Foxridge Homes Metro Vancouver team as a major factor in earning the award.

“It’s our sales and site staff, who are the face of the company, wanting to do the right thing for our customers,” said Gary. “It’s their willingness to go the extra mile to make it a great customer experience. It’s also our trades and suppliers, who build the houses, and the great job that they do for us in delivering the product.”

Consistency is also an important aspect of what makes the team so deserving of the Avid Gold Award, noted Gary.

“It takes years of hard work,” he said. “This is not something you just accomplish overnight. To get an award like this, there’s one key thing that needs to be consistent in an organization, and that’s finishing the house 100 per cent before the customer takes possession. That sounds so simple, but in our industry, it isn’t always.”

Amie Tran, Marketing Manager, Foxridge Homes Metro Vancouver, shared that communication and being open to feedback from customers is something the business unit is constantly working on.

“Over the past few years, the team at Foxridge Homes has been working diligently to improve various processes and procedures,” said Amie. “This award is confirmation that the hard work and process improvements we’ve put in place are working. It says that we value our customers and their opinions, and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve – whether it be customer service or quality of our homes.”

Amie noted that every Avid survey completed by Foxridge Homes Metro Vancouver’s customers is reviewed by the executive team and all comments, concerns and feedback are reviewed in detail – and action is taken.

And if winning the Avid Gold Award wasn’t enough, Foxridge Homes Metro Vancouver also recently learned that they’ve been selected as a finalist for CHBA BC’s Customer Satisfaction Georgie Award, which has similar requirements to the Avid Awards.

The Georgie Awards are also presented annually, but this event has been postponed for now due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Once the restrictions have been lifted, the Foxridge Homes Metro Vancouver team is looking forward to celebrating their win of and finalist position for these important awards.

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