May 5, 2020


Edmonton, AB – StreetSide Developments Edmonton marked a new achievement recently, winning the CustomerInsight award for Best Customer Experience for Edmonton and Area in the Multi-Family – Large Volume category for the fourth consecutive year.

StreetSide Developments Edmonton | Best Customer Experience | CustomerInsight HOME Awards

The award was presented at the H.O.M.E. Awards event on April 7, which was held online this year due to restrictions related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic (click here to watch the recorded livestream video).

Now in its tenth year, the H.O.M.E. Awards event celebrates excellence in customer service, recognizing builders across Canada and the United States that are providing superior customer homebuying experiences.

Nicholas Carels, Vice-President, StreetSide Developments Edmonton, said the award is well-deserved, considering the high calibre of his team.

“Exceptional customer care can only be delivered by an exceptional team,” said Nicholas. “Winning this award four years in a row demonstrates not only the level of dedication our team has shown in taking care of our homeowners, but also how consistently we have been able perform, year after year and home after home.”

Tammy Kneller, Service and Warranty Manager, StreetSide Developments Edmonton, said while there are multiple reasons for the business unit’s continued recognition at the H.O.M.E. Awards, there is one factor in particular that she feels stands out.

“I think one of the main reasons for our success is that we keep our relationships with our homeowners personal,” said Tammy. “We do not use any type of online portal software for service requests. Homeowners email service directly and we respond promptly, and this personal touch really sets us up for success. We get to be part of our homeowners’ lives and get to know them and their families during this important period.”

Dave Armstrong, Director of Sales and Marketing, StreetSide Developments Edmonton, echoed the sentiment that the customer is at the forefront of the business unit’s operations.

“We try to always focus on the customer, from when we design the product to when we deliver it,” said Dave. “We do everything with the customer in mind.”

StreetSide Developments Edmonton | Best Customer Experience | CustomerInsight HOME Awards

This focus on the customer is a crucial aspect of being a H.O.M.E. Award winner, since the Home Owner Mark of Excellence (H.O.M.E.) uses only scores and ratings from real homeowners, instead of industry judges or panels. All winners are calculated using homeowner feedback surveys.

Being part of Qualico also helps establish StreetSide Developments Edmonton as a top builder in the region, noted Nicholas.

“Qualico’s long-standing reputation is a significant contributor to our success today,” said Nicholas. “As a Qualico company, it is our responsibility to continue building upon that reputation by delivering exceptional and consistent customer care, not only because it is the right thing to do, but also so that we can continue to enjoy the benefits of a strong reputation well into the future.”

The future is also something Tammy pointed to when talking about the effects the award has on the StreetSide Developments Edmonton team.

“While awards are gratifying and memorable for work well done, they are also a reflection of the past year,” said Tammy. “We will take a moment and celebrate this recognition, but we are also focused on next year and our obligation to continually raising that customer service bar.”

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