Apr 30, 2020

Pacesetter Homes Regina Stands Out with Energy-Efficient Home to Receive the RRHBA Green Build of the Year Award

Regina, SK – Pacesetter Homes Regina has further solidified its position as one of Regina’s top homebuilders with its award-winning home at 3152 Trombley Street. The two-storey, 1862-sq.-ft. home, which was completed in August 2019, was built to Pacesetter Homes Regina’s industry-leading energy efficiency specifications.

The home is about 16 per cent more energy efficient than a typical home, and has an air tightness rating of 1.3 ACH, which is 50 per cent better than the industry standard (2.5 ACH). It was also the first house Pacesetter Homes Regina built that exceeded its usual standard of 15 per cent better energy efficiency than code.

3152 Trombley Street | Street View | Pacesetter Homes Regina

This earned Pacesetter Homes Regina the 2019 Green Build of the Year Award at the Regina and Region Home Builders’ Association (RRHBA) Master Awards Gala on February 1, 2020.

Bob Leier, Production Manager, Pacesetter Homes Regina, noted how important it is to the team to make an impact in the energy efficiency arena.

“At Pacesetter Homes, we pride ourselves on being an industry leader for energy efficiency,” he said. “We have included a number of energy-efficient options that are both cost-effective and functional. We see this as part of being a good corporate citizen in our world. If we can provide a comfortable home for people to live in and be environmentally responsible, we all win, and we feel like we are improving customers’ lives by doing so. There is real satisfaction in that.”

One of the most notable energy efficiency features in the home is the functioning 18-panel, 5.4 kW solar electric (PV) system. This marks Pacesetter Homes Regina’s first inventory home to include solar panels, which will allow the homeowners to take advantage of a renewable resource that is abundant in the region.

3152 Trombley Street | Solar PV Installation | Pacesetter Homes Regina

The total installed price of the PV system was around $18,000, which included the cost of the net metre that allows electricity to be sent back into the power grid, potentially providing energy credits for the homeowner, noted Bob. The system will provide 7,170 kWh of power to the home per year, at a savings of $1,129 in energy expenses during the first year alone.

“The PV system can save the homeowner money by providing up to 77 per cent of the home’s electrical requirements for a year,” said Bob. “With these savings, the homeowner will have the system paid off in just over 10 years. Over the course of 25 years, the homeowner could save around $41,000. Besides the cost savings, this PV system can eliminate 147 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, which is equivalent to planting 3,425 trees or not driving 294,000 kilometres in a vehicle.”

Some of the other energy efficiency and sustainability features and building practices included in the home include:

  • EnerGuide rating
  • Blower door (air tightness) test
  • Energy-efficient LED premium lighting package
  • 96% high efficiency natural gas furnace
  • Wi-Fi compatible programmable thermostat
  • Energy Star certified stainless steel OTR microwave and dishwasher
  • Recycled materials used in drywall and insulation
  • Construction materials repurposed for other uses in the homeWhile it’s clear that Pacesetter Homes Regina has hit the mark with a home that is 16 per cent more efficient than a typical home, Bob said the team isn’t planning to stop there.

3152 Trombley Street | Blow Door Test | Pacesetter Homes Regina

Blower Door (Air Tightness) Test


While it’s clear that Pacesetter Homes Regina has hit the mark with a home that is 16 per cent more efficient than a typical home, Bob said the team isn’t planning to stop there.

“We are in the process of starting a home that will be 40 per cent better than standard,” he said. “And our goal within the next few years is to have a home that is 67 per cent better than standard (net-zero ready). These are lofty goals, but would help confirm our team and Qualico as a leader in this field."

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