May 8, 2019

Qualico Announces Home Donation On Habitat Day In Support Of Habitat For Humanity Edmonton

Edmonton, AB – This summer, Qualico will present to new homeowners the very first Habitat for Humanity home located in the town of Devon, Alberta, just outside of Edmonton. The project was announced during this year’s Habitat Day on April 25, an event held each year by Habitat for Humanity Edmonton.

Habitat Day, first celebrated in 2010, is used to raise awareness about the work Habitat for Humanity Edmonton does to assist families on their journey to homeownership.

Since the first Habitat Day, the non-profit organization has been able to add close to $10 million in affordable homes in the area with its various partnerships, including one with Qualico.

The Pacesetter Homes Edmonton house in Devon will be the sixth home that Qualico has provided as part of the Habitat for Humanity initiative in the region. It will also be the 33rd home provided by homebuilders overall.


Brad Armstrong, VP of Qualico Communities, Northern Alberta Region, shared the importance Qualico places on participating in a program like the one offered by Habitat for Humanity.

“Qualico takes great pride in participating in the build initiative,” said Brad. “We recognize that there is substantial benefit to investing in the Habitat program. Habitat’s charitable homeownership model is unique and extremely successful. As a land developer and homebuilder, it’s important to know that more than one family will benefit from the homes we give to Habitat.”

The 32 homes previously built for the Habitat for Humanity Edmonton initiative have so far helped 38 families. Six of the original families were able to take the equity from their Habitat home and use it to purchase another home on the open market. This allowed six additional families to benefit from the original Habitat homes.


Speaking at a news conference held at Qualico’s office in south Edmonton on Habitat Day, Ian MacDonald, board chairman for Habitat for Humanity, shared the organization’s gratitude and appreciation of Qualico’s support.

“Habitat feels blessed that many homebuilders believe in our mission and choose to work hard hand-in-hand with us to serve more families,” said Ian.

Shane Erickson, Regional Vice-President, Qualico, Northern Alberta Region, also shared what it means to the company to be able to donate a home for this year’s Habitat Day.

“In the current difficult economic situation that Alberta is facing, initiatives that bring the community together to help one another are especially important,” said Shane. “It’s trying for businesses and residents alike, so although it’s difficult for some of the businesses to maintain the same level of generosity they have in the past, it’s equally difficult for a lot of residents out there. So we have to balance our sense of responsibility with the tough times and we’re fortunately able to contribute this year.”

While Habitat for Humanity Edmonton has yet to announce who will receive the Devon home, it will undoubtedly bring smiles to the faces of the new home-owning family.

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