Dec 17, 2018

Kal Hourd Named Montana Homes' Vice-President

Kal Hourd has been promoted to Vice-President of Montana Homes, effective January 1, 2019

Saskatoon, SK – John Daniels, Regional Vice-President, Manitoba & Saskatchewan Region, is pleased to announce that Kal Hourd has been promoted to Vice President of Montana Homes, effective January 1, 2019.

Kal has been with Montana Homes for five years. He was originally hired as Sales Manager and was promoted to Assistant Branch Manager in 2017.


Kal was previously in new home sales and has spent his entire career in business development and sales & marketing. Kal’s education includes a diploma in Business Administration with a major in marketing.

“We are confident in Kal’s leadership and wish him every success as the Vice-President of Montana Homes,” said John. “Kal is taking the helm of Montana Homes in the midst of challenging market conditions, but there are signs of improvement on the horizon. We are committed to Montana Homes and remain confident in the resiliency of the Saskatchewan economy and the Saskatoon market.”

Tony Balaz has fulfilled the Vice-President role for Montana Homes since 2015, and the team has excelled under his leadership. His focus now solely remains on leading Kensington Homes and Foxridge Homes.

“We want to thank Tony Balaz for his contributions to Montana Homes,” said John. “We believe that Kal could not have had a better mentor than Tony to prepare him for the job ahead.”

Outside of work, Kal enjoys music, live performance, travelling and scuba diving.

Kal can be reached at KHourd@montanahomes.ca and 306-244-7900.

Join us in congratulating Kal in his role of Vice-President, Montana Homes.

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