Pacesetter Homes Regina - Danby - Exterior Rendering
Pacesetter Homes Regina - Danby - Bedroom 4
Pacesetter Homes Regina - Danby - Great Room 2
Pacesetter Homes Regina - Danby - Bedroom
Pacesetter Homes Regina - Danby - Great Room
Pacesetter Homes Regina - Danby - Bedroom 2
Pacesetter Homes Regina - Danby - Bedroom 3
  • EnerGuide Rating
    78 GJ/year
  • Energy Efficiency
    Performs 18% better than the average new home
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Rebate
    Provides a 15% cashback rebate on CMHC premium fees due to EnerGuide rating

Pacesetter Homes Regina's Danby Townhome boasts the latest technology in environmental sustainability, establishing itself as a top competitor in terms of energy efficiency.

The Danby Townhome is a leading-edge home that prioritizes environmental sustainability with the utmost in energy efficiency and economy.

Quality assured by a third-party energy advisor, Pacesetter Homes tested The Danby’s energy efficiency using Canada’s EnerGuide Rating System. The procedure tests the home’s energy consumption sources, like natural gas and electricity.

The Danby surpasses the typical new home EnerGuide Rating in energy consumption (95 GJ/year), coming in at 78 GJ/year. This means it performs 18 per cent better than the average new home.

The Danby's energy rating allows its homeowners to receive a 15 per cent cashback rebate on their Canada Mortgage and  Housing Corporation premium fees because the home is 15 per cent or more energy efficient than a typical new home. Depending on the purchase price, this could mean several thousand dollars in savings for the customer.

5204E Primrose Green Drive, Regina, SK S4V 2Z6



Pacesetter Homes has been a leader in the Regina new home market since 2011, building duplex, front-attached, laned homes, and townhome models. Award-winning designs, quality construction, energy efficiency, industry-leading customer service and reliability serve as cornerstones for the Pacesetter Homes brand.

Pacesetter Homes aims to help people and families improve their lives and build memories together in their ideal home while being filled with confidence in its strength, beauty and value.

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