Rancho Realty Manitoba - Niakwa Tower - Exterior1
Rancho Realty Manitoba - Niakwa Tower - Exterior2
Rancho Realty Manitoba - Niakwa Tower - Social Room
Rancho Realty Manitoba - Niakwa Tower - Pool Table
Rancho Realty Manitoba - Niakwa Tower - Lobby
Niakwa Tower front entrance, with upgraded entrance ramp and seating
Rancho Realty Manitoba - Niakwa Tower - Common Area
  • Storeys
  • Accessibility
    Upgraded Ramp Improvements 
  • Public-Transport Minded
    Front Seating
    Waiting Room
  • Advanced Temperature Regulation
    Make-up air system improves circulation throughout all floors and is cost-efficient

Rancho Realty Services (Manitoba) Ltd. puts accessibility, commuting, and cost-efficient features at the forefront for its tenants at the Niakwa Tower mid-rise rental building.

Niakwa Tower is located in Old St. Vital and includes new modern features and improvements for its tenants.

Rancho Realty Services (Manitoba) Ltd. added upgraded improvements to the property’s main entrance ramp for all tenants with limited mobility. The amenity room was also updated, including a pool table, large screen TV, and comfy chairs, as well as a fully functioning kitchen with game tables.

Rancho also introduced a seating room at the front of the building to accommodate tenants awaiting the arrival of private or public transportation. It is a social lounge area that allows tenants to visit while waiting.

Niakwa Tower features quality-of-life improvements, not prompted by building codes or routine maintenance, but by the lifestyle improvements that are beneficial to tenants.

Rancho has an electric top-of-the-line make-up air system installed at Niakwa Tower to improve the temperature regulation throughout the 10 floors of the building. It’s a new asset for the property management company that provides tenants the benefits of temperature regulation, while creating cost-efficient heating and cooling as a result.

115 Niakwa Road, Winnipeg, MB R2M 5A8



Rancho Realty Services (Manitoba) Ltd. was established in 1958, and its portfolio currently includes over 1,900 residential units, 1,700 condominiums and 430,000 sq. ft. of commercial space.

A knowledgeable, trained and accredited management team acts as a partner, working on a client’s behalf to control costs, build relationships, and make smart decisions with the property value always top-of-mind. A licensed member of the Manitoba Real Estate Association, Rancho takes its role seriously in providing top-notch administrative, financial and managerial services.

Rancho strives to provide responsive customer service with a track record of professionalism. Rancho has the expertise to build up value on managed properties, whether they are residential, office, condo or commercial spaces.

1 Dr. David Friesen Dr., Winnipeg, MB R3X 0G8

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