Rancho Realty Edmonton - EPCOR Tower - Exterior
Rancho Realty Edmonton - EPCOR Tower - Entrance
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Aerial EPCOR Tower downtown Edmonton
EPCOR Tower mechanical room under construction
EPCOR Tower mechanical room under construction
EPCOR Tower aerial view
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  • Building and Site Area
    660,350 sq. ft. | 2.22 acres
  • Building Height
    28 floors | Roof = 137.30m | Antenna Spire = 149.35m
  • LEED® Gold Certified
    For Core and Shell certification
  • BOMA BEST® Certified Gold
    Nationally recognized environmentally conscious 'green' building
  • Energy Cost-Savings
    23% with geothermal heating and cooling


The EPCOR Tower is a high-rise commercial building in downtown Edmonton that features two floors of retail, a four-level parkade, a fitness centre, bicycle storage with locker rooms and showers, and a loading dock that can accommodate two full-sized tractor trailers. It is also Edmonton’s only downtown tower with balconies on every floor.

The EPCOR Tower also meets LEED® Gold for Core and Shell certification, as defined by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), the leading green building rating system for North America. It also meets BOMA BEST® Gold certification as a nationally recognized environmentally conscious 'green' building in Canada.

The building is designed with a focus on high energy-efficiency, including automated fluorescent light fixtures (with occupancy and dimmer sensors), a triple-glazed curtain wall that eliminates the need for perimeter radiation, an average of 78 independent cooling zones per floor, balconies on the north and south end of each floor (allowing occupants access to fresh air), geothermal earth tubes that provide passive heating and cooling to the building's air supply, and low-flush toilets that recycle captured rainwater.

Energy-efficiency statistics include 90 per cent reduction in stormwater run-off, 64 per cent reduction in potable water consumption by harvesting and recycling rainwater, and 23 per cent energy cost-savings with geothermal heating and cooling.

Custodial services are performed during the day to reduce nighttime use of HVAC and lights. All products used are earth-friendly (EcoLogo or Green Seal). Rancho Realty (Edmonton) Ltd. and EPCOR Tower also participate in the City of Edmonton’s waste reduction program by diverting the building’s waste to the city’s state-of-the-art sorting facility, which reduces the building’s garbage.

Staff training on preventative and corrective maintenance is ongoing.

10423 - 101 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2R8



Rancho Realty (Edmonton) Ltd. currently manages over 1.5 million sq. ft. of commercial property and over 1,000 residential units. Rancho Edmonton’s portfolio includes fee-managed, Qualico-owned and syndicated properties, as well as condominiums.

Licensed members of the Edmonton Real Estate Board, Rancho’s goal is to develop cooperation and trust with clients. Offering quality services including finance and administration as well as maintenance, Rancho Edmonton is dedicated to providing continuous performance and value enhancement of clients' properties.

Keeping on top of leading building technology and notifying clients of opportunities for energy reduction, Rancho is committed to providing technical expertise to ensure its clients' investments are building value.

1300 EPCOR Tower 10423 101 St. NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 0E7

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