Sterling Calgary - Alexander Model - Front Exterior
Sterling Homes - Alexander Model - Building Envelope
873 Sailfin Drive home's high-quality building envelope, featuring triple-pane solar gain windows
Sterling Calgary - Alexander Model - Mechanical Room
873 Sailfin Drive home's central mechanical system, combining the instantaneous water heater and domestic air handler system
Sterling Calgary - Alexander Model - Kitchen
Sterling Calgary - Alexander Model - Main Floor
Sterling Calgary - Alexander Model - Master Bedroom
Sterling Calgary - Alexander Model - Ensuite
Sterling Calgary - Alexander Model - Rear Exterior
  • Home Area
    2,635 sq. ft.
  • Solar Panel Ready
    Set up for solar panels if homeowner chooses to add them
  • Increased Insulation
    R-24 batt
  • EnerGuide Efficiency
    54% greater than building code standards 
  • Low Air Exchange Rate
    1.0 ACH/h, performs 69% better than code

Sterling Homes Calgary provides an already highly energy-efficient home that has the option of adding a solar panel system.

Located in the Harmony neighbourhood in the community of Springbank, Sterling Homes' 873 Sailfin Drive home is sustainably built with a design that makes it highly energy efficient. Its impressive design puts the home at a level that exceeds the current building code by 54 per cent based on its EnerGuide rating. The home is also solar panel ready if the homebuyer chooses to add them, meaning it's capable of even higher energy efficiency.

One of the key aspects of the home’s sustainability is the high-quality building envelope, which involves multiple parts of the home’s exterior wall system. For example, much of the insulation used in the home is R-24 batt insulation, which has a higher rating than the standard R-20 batt insulation used in most new homes. The exterior also includes triple-pane solar gain windows, which help keep the air temperature inside the home consistent, as well as release any heat that is absorbed by the windows into the home.

The home boasts an extremely low air exchange rate (AER) that performs at 1.0 ACH/h, which is 69 per cent better than code (3.2 ACH/h). This involves the rate at which indoor air is replaced with outdoor air, maintaining the air quality within a home.

Another sustainable feature of the home is its combination instantaneous water heater and domestic air handler system. While traditional homes have two mechanical systems (a furnace-based forced air heating system and hot water tank storage system), Harmony uses one central system. An instant hot water system feeds both the air handler and any hot water requirement with no storage required. This system is energy efficient and, because one of the units is no longer needed, this magnifies its energy performance.

Sterling Homes is able to design an exceptional home with these sustainability features at an additional $6,500 increase for the homebuyer – a cost-effective price considering the sustainable home will provide the homeowner with long-term cost-savings when it comes to energy use. These features are all available without having to sacrifice main home features and overall square footage too.

This home is an Alexander model and has four bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths, a large and inviting foyer, an executive kitchen, a flex room, an interior bonus room with vaulted ceilings, and a stylish ensuite with quartz countertops and fully tiled shower.

873 Sailfin Drive, Springbank, AB



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