Mar 5, 2020

Announcing the Qualico Properties Business Vertical

I am proud to announce the introduction of the new Qualico Properties business vertical. This is an opportunity to stage Qualico for success in a growing segment of our industry. Within Qualico Properties, an aligned team of Corporate, Qualico Commercial and Rancho employees will operate with a greater connection to invest, develop, grow and manage the value of Qualico-owned property investments.

Qualico Properties represents a strategic move to position Qualico for success now and into the future. With a strong inventory of existing commercial and multi-family residential properties and a significant commercial portfolio in development, Qualico is in a unique position to leverage our operations for a stronger competitive advantage. To do this, we will need to rely on significant leadership and experience to meet future growth opportunities.

Key operational decisions have been made for the structure and leadership within Qualico Properties including:

  1. As announced last October, Qualico is currently recruiting for the new position of Senior Vice-President, Qualico Properties. The Senior Vice-President will have the mandate to grow Qualico property positions in both Canada and the USA.

  2. Consolidating our leadership for commercial leasing to maximize the team’s skill sets and market relationships and demonstrate a united presence to the marketplace.

  3. Strengthening our focus on commercial development leadership, with two dedicated leaders guiding Qualico throughout the largest concentration of commercial development in our history. 

  4. Consolidating the vision and leadership for the property management of Qualico-owned assets.

  5. Extending the proven Vancouver model of managing third-party-owned condominiums into the Calgary market.

  6. Continuing our focus on asset management and overall growth of the properties portfolio.

Here is how Qualico’s business verticals will be organized:

Qualico introduces new Properties Business Vertical

Reporting to the new Senior Vice-President, Qualico Properties, will be:

Mike Saunders-Colour-350px

Mike Saunders
Vice-President, Commercial Development, Northern Alberta and BC

Leads commercial development opportunities
in Northern Alberta and BC.

Brent Mackay-Colour-350px

Brent MacKay
Vice-President, Commercial Development, Southern Alberta and Manitoba

Leads commercial development opportunities in Southern Alberta and Manitoba.

Sidney Waskiewich, Vice-President, Commercial Leasing | Qualico

Sidney Waskiewich
Vice-President, Commercial Leasing

Leads Qualico Commercial leasing, sales and marketing activities across all regions.

Perry Rose, Vice-President, Investment Properties | Qualico

Perry Rose
Vice-President, Investment Properties

Leads the growth of Qualico asset value by executing property acquisition and sale opportunities and authorizing building improvement investments.

Mike int'Veld, Vice-President, Rancho Property Management Services

Mike in’tVeld
Vice-President, Rancho Property Management Services

Leads property management services for Qualico-owned properties in Winnipeg, Calgary, and Edmonton.

Chris Sargent, Vice-President | Rancho Management Services | Vancouver

Chris Sargent
Vice-President, Rancho Management Services Vancouver

Leads property management services for third-party condominium, residential, and commercial opportunities.

I am confident that the creation of Qualico Properties will strengthen and evolve Qualico’s position as a market leader in the real estate industry and that we have the team in place to take us there.

Kevin Van,

President & CEO


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