Apr 16, 2020


Calgary, AB – Broadview Homes Calgary is now offering a new home technology package as a base feature in all of its homes, using an innovative cost savings strategy.

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The Smarter Home System, launched in mid-February, features a collection of high-quality home tech options that control lighting and in-home temperature, provide excellent sound quality, and offer additional security.

Meghan Donaldson, Marketing Manager, Broadview Homes Calgary, explained what’s involved in the cost savings strategy that has allowed the company to offer the Smarter Home System as a standard feature in their homes.

“Our team has worked with a number of industry experts and consultants to update some details and building practices in order to offer homes that are as energy-efficient as ever, but in a much more cost-effective way,” she said. “While this move allowed us to maximize our dollars and our customers’ dollars when building efficient homes, it also allowed us to address the other emerging trend we’ve been seeing in the marketplace – which is the demand for smart technologies within the home.”

With the money saved making these tweaks, customers can enjoy high-tech features without any additional cost. Included in Broadview Homes Calgary’s Smarter Home System are:

  • The Caséta by Lutron – controls lighting and includes a connect bridge and scene switch, five dimmers and one motion switch, and one switch for exterior lights
  • Elura Red Label In-Ceiling Speakers – high-quality speakers that can be installed in any location
  • ‘Our Best-Ever Wireless Amplifier’ from Sonos – amplifies the sound experience in your home and can connect to your in-ceiling speakers
  • SkyBell Trim Plus - WiFi Doorbell – records who’s at your door and includes free cloud recording
  • Honeywell IAQ WiFi Compatible Thermostat – efficient programmable heating system that can be controlled from any smart phone or tablet

Smarter Home System Tech | Broadview Homes | Calgary | Collage

Meghan noted that the Smarter Home System offers an opportunity for customers to enjoy high-tech convenience while also benefiting the environment.

“Smarter Home components are incredibly efficient themselves,” she said. “A great example of this is the Lutron lighting system, which includes geo-fencing. The system knows when people have left the home and will turn lights off if they’ve been left on. So not only can homeowners control speakers, heat, sound systems and more through their personal devices, the home also helps to keep energy consumption and bills down where it can.”

Andrew Mackenzie, Estimating Manager, Broadview Homes Calgary, said another aspect that will appeal to customers is the ability to build off of the already included connectivity in each home.

“We’re giving our customers a starting point, so they can go to our suppliers and upgrade with them,” he said. “The system we’re putting in also allows them to add on after they move in, using products they can buy at any store and connect themselves. With so many people being tech savvy, I think a lot of that will get done after possession.”

Andrew said as far as the team is aware, there are no other homebuilders offering a package similar to what Broadview Homes Calgary now has as a standard feature.

Broadview Homes Calgary decided to start looking at the possibility of offering smart home tech packages because of what they saw going on in the retail market, according to Bruce Staszczak, Sales Manager, Broadview Homes.

“We noticed that in retail, there was a big niche for things like doorbell cameras, smart light switches, and in-home speakers,” he said. “We thought it would be a great idea to put some of those things into our homes.”

All of Broadview Homes Calgary’s show homes have been retrofitted with the Smarter Home System so that potential customers can see what’s being offered and even use a supplied onsite iPad to control the lighting, music, and doorbell camera.

Meghan said that in addition to the show home experience, Broadview Homes Calgary will be ramping up marketing for the new Smarter Home System and the cost redistribution strategy involved.

“We have a digital campaign starting, mainly on social media,” said Meghan. “To support that, we will be featuring the Smarter Home System on the website so that people can learn about it. We’ll have a series of videos, instructional videos, and vlogs to go with the Smarter Home System, and we’re just rolling that out as we proceed.”

While it’s still too early for much customer feedback, Meghan said the team is excited to see what types of homebuyers will be most interested in the Smarter Home System. While many may think of home tech as being more appealing to millennials, older generations are beginning to take advantage of such features, and the lack of additional cost may help with that decision.

As far as whether there are future plans to add to or upgrade the products offered as part of the standard Smarter Home System, Meghan said that remains to be seen.

“We have a team that’s really nimble and tries to stay ahead of the curve,” she said. “Technology changes so fast, so who knows what’s ahead of us that our customers will be wanting. But we’re always watching for what they’ll want and how we can include that in our homes as a standard feature, if possible.”

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