Rancho Edmonton - Innovative Employment and Litter Solution Employment-1
Rancho Edmonton - Innovative Employment and Litter Solution Employment-1
  • All Sites Involved in Program
    All of Rancho Realty (Edmonton) Ltd.’s retail sites take part
  • Homeless Employment Initiative
    Provides part-time work for homeless individuals

Rancho Realty (Edmonton) Ltd. provides employment opportunities for homeless persons in connection with Boyle Street Community Services.

Rancho Realty (Edmonton) Ltd. contracts its litter pick-up service through Boyle Street Community Services, a local community centre that has organized a business development program to help employ homeless persons.

By contracting the properties with Boyle Street Community Services, Rancho employs two to three mentors and 10-15 homeless individuals on a part-time basis. Some move on to full-time jobs as a result.

10116 - 105 Ave., Edmonton, AB T5H 0K2



Rancho Realty (Edmonton) Ltd. currently manages over 1.5 million sq. ft. of commercial property and over 1,000 residential units. Rancho Edmonton’s portfolio includes fee-managed, Qualico-owned and syndicated properties, as well as condominiums.

Licensed members of the Edmonton Real Estate Board, Rancho’s goal is to develop cooperation and trust with clients. Offering quality services including finance and administration as well as maintenance, Rancho Edmonton is dedicated to providing continuous performance and value enhancement of clients' properties.

Keeping on top of leading building technology and notifying clients of opportunities for energy reduction, Rancho is committed to providing technical expertise to ensure its clients' investments are building value.

1300 EPCOR Tower 10423 101 St. NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 0E7

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