Mar 3, 2022

Qualico Donates to the Humanitarian Coalition’s Ukraine Crisis Relief fund

Canada is home to the largest population of Ukrainians outside of Ukraine.  Manitoba, the home province for Qualico’s corporate office, is one of a few provinces where a majority of Ukrainian families settled to start their new lives in Canada. 

As a company founded by immigrants that escaped persecution from Russia during the revolution in the early 1900s, the current state of crisis in Ukraine has struck a personal chord with the Qualico family.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has resulted in the loss of lives of children and families, with the expectation that the loss of life will continue. Those left to survive amongst the devastation are faced with critical needs for food, water, shelter and healthcare.

Qualico has made a significant donation to the Humanitarian Coalition to support their Ukraine Crisis Relief fund.

With the numbers changing daily, at the time of Qualico’s donation, it was estimated that nearly 20 million Ukrainians may require urgent assistance, with half of them also being displaced from their homes.

CARE, one of the members of the Humanitarian Coalition, is already on the ground in Ukraine, providing priority care to the needs of women, girls, families and the elderly with supports that range from psychological support to drinking water and water.


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The Humanitarian Coalition - Canada's leading aid agencies join forces to raise funds, partner with the government, and mobilize media, businesses and individual Canadians. Members have expertise in providing shelter, clean water, sanitation services, protection services, health care, and livelihood support.



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