Jan 21, 2022

Qualico Properties Eyes Strategic Growth with New Long-Term Rental Assets in the US Market

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Austin, TX - Aside from Qualico’s operations of homebuilding, land development, and merchant-building joint-venture projects in the US, Qualico Properties leads and manages strategic growth investment opportunities through long-term rental assets. Texas markets have seen tremendous growth in recent years, and in 2022, Qualico Properties will be actively pursuing opportunities to grow its long-term rental asset portfolio in the US.

Rental assets that Qualico holds strengthen the company’s balance sheet by producing annual income and capital appreciation. Three rental properties that Qualico purchased for long-term hold include Villages at Turtle Rock in Austin, which was sold in 2020, as well as The Quest and The Village at Gracy Farms. Many of the real estate investments Qualico is making in the US are in Texas (Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth) as Qualico already has operations there.

One of the major reasons Qualico Properties is looking for strategic growth opportunities in the US instead of in Canadian markets at the moment is because the rate of return of investing in these long-term rental assets are simply much higher due to population differences. For example, the Dallas-Fort Worth area has approximately 8 million people – that’s as much as all of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta combined.

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