May 3, 2021

Sterling Homes Winnipeg Raises Standards With Total Comfort Program

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Winnipeg, MB - Sterling Homes Winnipeg has introduced an innovative, new standard specification in 2021 that will offer third-party certified Energuide rated homes that provides homeowners with peace of mind. The specification, named the Total Comfort Program, puts emphasis on environmental considerations, and higher quality of life for homeowners, without affecting affordability.

With consumers being more environmentally conscious, there is an increasing demand for energy efficient homes. Buyers want a home that fits their lifestyle, but also addresses important environmental factors, such as energy efficiency and conservation.

To meet this market shift and remain competitive, Sterling Homes designed the Total Comfort Package to offer enhanced value to its home buyers through modern improvements.

“We are providing these standard specifications to offer more value to our customers at a price that is affordable,” said Dave Wooden, Vice-President, Sterling Homes Winnipeg. “This new offering is in line with the direction Qualico is taking in sustainable home building, and it differentiates the Sterling brand from the competition.”

Sterling Homes has always focused on building quality homes at an affordable price. These new standard specifications enhance the value even further in a variety of ways, while still maintaining affordability.

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Indoor Air Quality

The air quality within the home is important to every homebuyer, which is why every Sterling home includes a high-powered Merv 13 F200 HVAC filter. This air filtration system is superior to most models as it removes more bio-allergens from the air.

All new Sterling homes are constructed with increased air tightness to reduce pollutants, allergens, and bacteria from entering the home, and low VOC paint in used throughout the home. For quality air movement within the home, a heat recovery ventilation system is installed to cycle fresh, filtered air into the home. This system also reduces the energy consumption used to heat the home as fresh air is warmed prior to entering the home.

Lifestyle & Convenience

Technology in homes is constantly evolving, making it easier for homeowners to manage their home with ease. Every Sterling home will now come with a Honeywell Smart Thermostat, allowing homeowners to easily control and monitor and control the comfort of their home from a mobile device. A high-quality foundation membrane wrap prevents moisture from penetrating the home, and insulated garage doors help maintain a more regulated temperature and prevent energy overuse.

Water Conservation

All new Sterling built homes for water conservation. Low-consumption/low-flush toilets, low-flow Moen taps, and a drain water recovery system significantly reduce the volume of water each home consumes. Not only will this limit the effects on our environment, but homeowners will enjoy savings on their water bills each month.

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Energy Efficiency

Sterling Homes Winnipeg employs a third-party institution to assess and rate each home with an EnerGuide rating, and these standard specifications will provide Energuide rating 15 percent above the National Reference House. Homeowners enjoying triple pane low e-argon windows (excluding basement), and a reduction in energy loss and ultraviolet light penetration into the home.

LED lighting throughout the home uses significantly less energy than standard bulbs, contributing to savings on homeowners’ electricity bills. The 95% energy efficient furnace also reduces utility costs.

A significant energy savings measure included in the Total Comfort specification is the R24 basement wall insulation, which provides homeowners and their families more comfort As basements typically vary in temperature from the rest of the home, providing this added layer of protection also reduces the amount of energy needed to regulate, which reduces the overall impact on our environment.

“People are staying home more often now, and we want their homes to feel more comfortable and meet the needs of those who are looking to reduce their overall carbon footprint,” said Courtney Sims, Marketing Manager, Sterling Homes Winnipeg.

Building this new standard specification was important to the team at Sterling Homes to ensure their home buyers receive a quality, energy efficient home that fits their lifestyle and their budget, but also to remain competitive in a demanding housing market.

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