Mar 2, 2021

Building Stronger Communities Through Volunteerism

Qualico is a strong proponent of philanthropy, set in motion from its inception by our founders, Dr. David and Katherine Friesen. They felt compelled to help those around them wherever possible and paved the way for future generations within the company to do the same. Today, Qualico continues to find ways to help build better cities through its volunteer day. 

The Qualico Winnipeg Team stands in a new build that they helped put together for the annual volunteer day


2016 Volunteer DayThe program was introduced in 2016, during Qualico's 65th anniversary year, as a commitment to giving back to the communities that we've been a part of for decades. Employees are encouraged to take one workday to volunteer for a cause that is meaningful to them in their community. Since philanthropy has been a deep-rooted part of Qualico’s culture since its founding, the company was looking for ways to support employees’ drive to make positive change, and to encourage more participation throughout the company. 

“Qualico gives back to our communities in many ways – sometimes that’s a financial donation or a gift-in-kind, and other times it’s our employees donating our time,” said Kevin Van, President and CEO, Qualico. “We need to take every opportunity to improve the way our cities grow and interact so that the legacy we leave behind is one that future generations will be proud to continue.” 

Qualico Calgary's Volunteer Day - Brown Bagging for Kids - Group Picture

Employees have the option to use Volunteer Day individually to support their preferred charity, or to organize a group event. To date, this flexibility has created many unique volunteer opportunities through initiatives such as Habitat for Humanity Build Days, Brown Bagging for Kids to combat childhood hunger, planting trees in local parks, and a variety of local initiatives to collect items for shelters. In 2019, Qualico donated nearly 1,200 hours of its employee’s time to a wide variety of organizations. 

Since the introduction of Volunteer Day, employees have embraced the opportunity to serve their communities. Groups who volunteer together develop stronger bonds, rendering better teams on the job. Individuals who donate their time feel rewarded as their efforts make a positive impact. Armed with the knowledge their employer supports them in these efforts, these employees are more driven, productive, and proud of the work they do and who they do it for.  

In 2018, the staff at Foxridge Homes BC decided to spend their Volunteer Day together as a team. Armed with garbage bags, the team picked up trash and debris along the trails, picnic areas and playgrounds of Surrey’s Redwood Park. 

"All Foxridge Homes employees understand the importance of giving back to where we live, work and play," said Amie Tran, Marketing Manager, Foxridge Homes BC.

For individual employees, volunteering empowers them to get involved in their own passions, making an impact where it atters to them. Employees can gain new skills and experience, make new connections, and potentially gain a new perspective on issues impacting their own community. 

“I chose [to volunteer for] Habitat for Humanity because I want people who would not have the opportunity to otherwise buy or own their own home, to experience the security, stability, and the joy of homeownership,” Chris Gleeton, Truss Designer, Star Truss Winnipeg. 

Qualico believes in building better cities, and that starts with our own direct contributions. By doing the hard work to support our communities, we build stronger connections between our employees, our customers, and our communities. 

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