Oct 16, 2019


Winnipeg, MB – Every family deserves to have a safe and comfortable home. That’s why Habitat for Humanity Manitoba started the annual Ride Around the Lake event 13 years ago. This year’s event, held from September 13 to 15, raised more funds than any previous Ride Around the Lake event.

Set in Kenora, Ontario, Ride Around the Lake takes place over three days. Riders take on three routes that total over 300 km of cycling and must raise a minimum of $2,500 to participate.


Brett Bourne, Cycling Events Coordinator, Habitat for Humanity Manitoba, noted the growth the Ride Around the Lake event saw this year.

“The 2019 Ride Around the Lake event set unprecedented records for fundraising, number of participants, and support,” he said. “The 2019 event has raised more than $340,000 to date and donations are still coming in. More than 50 cyclists were supported by a team of 15 passionate volunteers and Habitat for Humanity staff during the event.”

The annual goal of Ride Around the Lake is to raise enough money to build a new home for a deserving local family.

“This year, the collective fundraising will enable Habitat for Humanity to not only build one house,” Brett said, “but also build the foundation for a second home. We are so grateful for the support of sponsors like Qualico and the fundraising efforts of the participants.”


Kevin Van, President of Qualico, leading a pack
during the Ride Around the Lake cycling event.


Kevin Van, President of Qualico, took part in the event, along with John Daniels, Regional Vice-President, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and David Eggerman, Controller for Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Kevin shared his thoughts on the importance of participating in and supporting an initiative like Ride Around the Lake.

“I’m proud to see us achieve this milestone of raising the most money of any Ride Around the Lake to date,” he said. “Knowing that the money we raised will be enough to nearly build two homes for deserving families is something we should all celebrate. With over 50 riders this year, I personally can see the momentum that’s building and the awareness that we’re driving for the Habitat program, which has proven time and time again to be a successful model to bring the pride in homeownership to more and more families.”

As one of Habitat for Humanity’s longest-running signature fundraisers, Ride Around the Lake has raised more than $2.5 million over the years and continues to help the organization provide an important service for the community.

“Ride Around the Lake, along with other fundraising events, gives Habitat for Humanity an opportunity to build homes and change the lives of local families by helping to eliminate the cycle of poverty through affordable homeownership, one house at time,” said Brett.