Aug 9, 2019


Austin, TX – Pacesetter Homes Austin has taken a spot yet again on Builder Magazine Top 100, a list that recognizes US homebuilders with the highest number of closings each year.

builder top 100 2019

Pacesetter Homes Austin was ranked at #98 of the largest 100 homebuilders in the US industry. This marks the third year in a row that Pacesetter Homes Austin has made the Top 100.

Pacesetter Homes Austin ended 2018 with 422 closings and $114 million in gross revenue. This year, the threshold for inclusion on the list was 405 closings.

Dennis Ciani, Marketing Manager, Pacesetter Homes Austin, said being part of the Builder Top 100 list is important for a variety of reasons.

“Growth is an indication of success,” he said. “Making this list is not by accident. It shows focus, dedication, and commitment to what we do and helps confirm we are a builder a homebuyer should consider. It also provides credibility, which opens new doors with banks and land developers, and helps with employee retention.”

All of these things lead to a stronger company, which is helpful when tackling challenging markets. According to Dennis, the current market in Texas is a competitive one, which has resulted in higher demand and higher prices on construction. Retaining subcontractors and finding additional subcontractors has been another challenge.

“We’ve been adapting to the changing competitive market,” he said, “by staying ahead of the curve on transitioning to smaller, more affordable lots and homes as the cost of construction continues to rise. We’ve also looked at our product designs to see how we can lower our costs to stay competitive. And we continue to focus on sales training and the quality of our salespeople.”

Going forward, Dennis said Pacesetter Homes will continue its growth expansion strategy in the US. Between Pacesetter Homes Austin and Pacesetter Homes Dallas, plans include bringing lower-priced, smaller-lot homes to the Dallas market, building on land already purchased for new neighbourhoods in 2020 and 2021, improving cycle times, and continuing to focus and improve on customer satisfaction.

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